My Platform 2 - India - Arrival

My First few days in India

*This is a diary style of writing, not like an article* 


Wow! This place is amazing. We are currently in Jaipur for our orientation but in two days time we go to Palumpur in the Himachal Pradesh.

The journey was long and rather tiresome from New Delhi airport to Jaipur. Trust there to be huge traffic jams when we go though eh?! haha! It is supposed to only be a 4 hour bus ride but ours' turned into nearly an 8 hour one.

For these few days we have a few activities to do. We have been shopping for the traditional dresses and I am proud to say I was one of the champions at barganing lol!

Tomorrow we are going to get to ride and elephant and then go to a famous bolloywood theatre! Can't wait!

I'm not looking forward to leaving here though because my host family is really nice and the thought of a 26 hour journey to our place does not sound all that exciting haha! But wish me luck!

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mudassarali143 profile image

mudassarali143 6 years ago from


enjoy urself...

hv best time.....

Graeme Noble 6 years ago

Glad you've arrived safely!

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