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Living in NY is not as easy as you think-- everything costs a fortune, there's a scam waiting for you around every corner, and getting something for nothing usually doesn't exist. However, once you become street savvy and learn to navigate both the environment and the system, there's plenty of fun to be had in all 5 boroughs. Don't get me wrong, there's places to go and things to do for all wallet sizes, but the name of the game here, is to get the most bang for the buck.

1. First thing is never put less than 7 dollars on your metrocard and use the transfer whenever possible-- always get the bonus, the MTA charges too much as it is.

2. Take advantage of Happy Hour and special drink days at your favorite club or pub. Why wait to pay more for the same drink, start early and spend less, as the night goes on you won't need as much to keep a buzz.

3. Shop around and develop a habit of not spending impulsively-- that only leads to missing out on the best deals and paying more for less.

4. Plan your nights out-- just dont throw caution to the wind-- look for deals and specials from everything to food, drink, events, and social activities. Free concerts, movie showings, screeners, exhibitions, and two for one admissions are easy to find and abundant throughout NYC.

5. Want to go to the theatre on or off Broadway? Get there at least an hour before showtime and the box office will often sell the remaining tickets at up to a 50% discount. Make sure to ask for available discount tickets at the box office window.

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Stacey 8 years ago

It's amazing what a little common sense can do. Thanks for the insight and tips.

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