Nemours : Mansion and Gardens

Nemours Mansion and Gardens

In 1909, Alfred Irénée du Pont built a mansion for his second wife, Alicia du Pont.

It is a five story structure on 222 acres, just north of Wilmington. It has 77 rooms, and a surface of 47,000 sq ft (4,400 m2). At the time, it cost around two million dollars !

It was called Nemours , after the French hometown of the du Ponts, and it's design was based on Le Petit Trianon , Marie Antoinette's house at the Palace of Versailles, outside of Paris.

A.I. du Pont and the mansion Nemours

Alfred Irne du Pont
Alfred Irne du Pont

Interior Decoration

The interior decoration is simply gorgeous !

In 2006 an extensive renovation was started, that would cost some 39 million dollars...

A Video Tour of the Estate

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