New Improvement in Winter Storage RV Covers

Class A S2 Expedition cover
Class A S2 Expedition cover
Marine grade woven water repellent material
Marine grade woven water repellent material

S2 Expedition RV Cover

The temperatures are slowly dropping and the feel of fall is in the air. For many Rvers this is the time of year that they make their last important mini-vacations of the year. Avid football fans travel with their teams to both home and away games. Nature lovers travel to the mountains to see the beautiful change of color as the green foliage changes to yellow orange and red. In a matter of weeks winter will be here and the time to cover and protect your RV will be here.

Why should you cover your RV at all? Have you ever found water damage in your RV in early spring? After an RV camper or trailer sits through the winter months without any form of shelter many times snow/water has found its way into the cracks and crevices of the RV walls. This water then leads to dangerous levels of mold and mildew not to mention the possibility of wood rot, warping indoor wall sidings and carpet damage. Through the simple use of an inexpensive RV cover, water damage can be prevented,

For many years the best winter storage cover has been made of a breathable polypropylene material that is designed to weatherproof your RV camper or trailer from the harshest winter weather conditions (especially snow). The rugged Expedition RV cover is breathable and allows air flow between the roof of the RV, the RV cover and the air outside. The light-weight Expedition RV cover provided winter protection but this 3 layered material is not made for stronger weather exhibited by intense heat or extreme winds. If the Expedition was used for year round protection the material would virtually dissolve from the UV rays. Through years RV cover use it has been determined that the best year round RV covers have been made of woven clothe.

Through years of research and testing Eevelle has developed the S2 Expedition. The S2 Expedition is a high tech cover with a durable woven polyester Marinex roof. The most durable RV covers that are able to last for the longest period of time, Goldline (5 year warranty) and PermaPro (4 year warranty) are made of woven clothe. The new S2 has many improved features over the Expedition. To begin with the woven roof material extends further down the sides of the RV than other RV covers and the S2 Expedition has Z-loft vents that reduce lofting and prevent moisture build-up. The material of the S2 Expedition is treated with Durapel UV Sun Inhibitor for maximum sunlight protection and the micro-porous film allows superior breathability to prevent mildew and eventually rot.

Another improvement that is noticed immediately is the thicker heavy gauge mico-porous side wall polypropylene fabric as well as the marine grade woven roof that provides maximum water resistance. The new S2 Expedition has full height zippers spaced around the entire cover to allow access to any part of the vehicle. It also has large EZ fit front & rear tension flags for easy installation and super duty reinforced corners with sewn in shock cord hem to give the S2 Expedition a custom like fit. To properly install and secure the S2, this Expedition RV cover has been designed with new & improved front and rear tension panels, a multi-point quick release web strap system and quick release buckles for fast and easy installation and removal. Anti-hit reflective panels on the front and rear tension flags make the RV camper or trailer more visible and provides added safety at night.

Don’t wait until the snow is moments away to decide that you want the protection of a winter storage cover. One of the best reasons for purchasing you RV cover in early fall is that the warehouse is usually at premium storage capacity. Often there is a low supply in storage if you wait until December. If you are in need of the best winter storage cover, you don’t want to spend three weeks to a month waiting for the cover to be available for shipment. The best time to order an RV cover is when there are many choices from which to choose.

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