New Jersey And 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit

The smells on the northern New Jersey Turnpike, by Newark Airport, and Tony Soprano's vision of Newark notwithstanding, New Jersey proudly and justly proclaims itself the "Garden State"on it's license plates.

I grew up there, in Monmouth County, where a drive out Route 520 would take you past miles of impeccably groomed horse farms, the elegant animals posing as if lawn ornaments.

In Atlantic Highlands, the Twin Lights are among the country's oldest operating lighthouse, looking out over the approaches to New York Harbor. I am told the vista of Monmouth Park and the horse races, with a tinge of salt in the summer air make for an idyllic afternoon for those who play the ponies.

Along the beach, from Sandy Hook to Cape May the surf rolls in for a steady progression of body surfing perfection as well as for those who use surf boards.

Another attraction in Monmouth County is the Monmouth Battfield State Park. The "Battle of Monmoutn" as it was known, was one of two set piece battles in which Revolutionary soldiers faced off against British trained regulars in head on conflict. It has been considered a Revolutionary victory, in that the British retreated away under the cover of night and continued on to Sandy Hook hence on to the safety of New York. It was on in the Monmouth battle in which the legend of Molly Pitcher was born.

Barnegat Bay, the Shrewsbury River and the Navesink River are all protected bodies of water on which thousands of boats play all summer long.

And, of course, for those of you who can't get rid of your money fast enough, there is always Atlantic City.

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