New Zealand: Dream Destination for Higher Studies

Life is full of Fun.
Life is full of Fun.
Make new friends and share your experiences
Make new friends and share your experiences

If you are thinking about your dream destination to pursue your further education, New Zealand has everything to match with your expectations. Education system of New Zealand is based on prestigious British system so it is acceptable all over the world. Colleges and Universities maintain International standards in their performance.

Being almost equal in size of United Kingdom or Japan, New Zealand has population just over four millions, making it one of world’s least crowded countries. Natural beauty, Stunning landscapes, vast mountain chains, steaming volcanoes, Seashores, Beaches, rainforests and many more things make it an ideal place to be. Geographically New Zealand consists of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island

Beautiful Landscapes & Beaches
With beautiful beaches, lakes, mountains and clear sky, land of New Zealand is full of mind blowing landscapes. Rolling hillsides, subtropical forest, volcanic plateau, miles of coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches makes New Zealand a like some heaven on earth. Because it is small land surrounded by water, New Zealand has number of beaches. New Zealand has over 15,000 kilometers of beautiful and varied coastline spread over 2000 Km from cape Reinga in the very north to Bluff in the very south. Its stunning and gorgeous beaches are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, boating, and water sports during summer.

Cultural and Social life
New Zealand is having diverse and multicultural society. People from different nations have migrated to this land during last century. People are peace loving and they are very friendly to each other.

Taiputuputu Pahi Beach: This beach has been identified as being either an official or unofficial clothing optional beach with common nude use.
Taiputuputu Pahi Beach: This beach has been identified as being either an official or unofficial clothing optional beach with common nude use.

Student Friendly Environment
A supportive and friendly environment plays very important role while choosing New Zealand as destination for higher studies. Small classes, Encouraging students to work in groups, Individual attention for every student, applying theories to real life situation are regular features of teaching system. Innovative thinking, recreational opportunities, safe society, and incredible natural environment make New Zealand one of the best destinations for higher studies.

Live LIFE close to Nature
Live LIFE close to Nature

Land of Long White Cloud
Maori people named New Zealand as ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ . Two main geographical features dominate its climate: the mountains and the sea. It has mild temperatures, moderately high rainfall, and many hours of sunshine throughout most of the country. December, January and February are the warmest months where as June, July and August are coldest months. In summer, the average maximum temperature ranges between 20-30 degrees Celsius and in winter between 10-15 degrees Celsius. The South island is cooler than North Island. Weather is extremely variable, commonly described as “four seasons in one day”.

Best Chances for Settlement
If you are having degree or diploma from New Zealand, you can apply for job to have work experience related to your studies. Even you may be eligible for permanent residency if you qualify the point system for permanent residency. International students are offered one year open job search visa after minimum study of 2 year if student is completing level 5 & 6 together. If student is coming in Level 7 Course after Graduation, he/ she has to do one year study to get open work permit of one year. During this period student can do any job available and search right job related with his studies. As soon as he get related job, he will get points that will make him eligible to apply his permanent residency.

Few Colleges & Universities
New Zealand colleges and Universities offer a wide range of diploma as well degree programs where as vocational and polytechnic courses are quite popular among international students. New Zealand also has government-funded Universities, which provide under-graduate and postgraduate degrees. Some of them also offer foundation courses. There are number of government as well private college providing many popular diploma courses. Links of few colleges are given here.

Living Cost in New Zealand
International students in New Zealand will be required to prove that they have sufficient funds available with them to maintain their living while studying. As per latest requirements, the monthly expenses in New Zealand would be NZ $1250, if the study period is less than nine months. If the study period is longer than nine months then it is calculated on annual basis. Annually it is NZ$ 15,000. This includes food, travel, accommodation, stationery and recreational facilities. Immigration department require $15,000 per annum funds available with you to issue student visa.

Tuition Fees in New Zealand
Tuition fee for international students varies with level and type of studies. Tuition fee also varies with type of colleges. Private sector colleges offer slightly less fee than government colleges and polytechnics. Similarly Universities fee is again slightly on higher side. On average tuition fee for different courses is as under

  • Arts and Social Sciences: NZ $ 15000
  • Science & Engineerings : NZ $ 20000

All these figures are meant for rough idea. We always recommend you to check with institutions or departments for exact fee.

Funds Transfer Scheme for Indian Student
Very recently New Zealand High Commission in India has introduced Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS) to speed up visa approvals. As per this scheme student has to transfer his living expenses ( NZ $ 15000) to New Zealand bank which will lock that amount and student will get his money back on monthly basis. Under this arrangement student or his parents need not to show proof of funds over six month for approval of his visa

Benefits of the process under FTS

  • Allows students’ parents to have control over the amount of money that their child has access to in New Zealand;
  • Ensures that the student will have access to sufficient money to meet cost of living in New Zealand
  • It is a lot easier than the current alternatives available – where a range of documentation is required and/or a bank loan must be taken out; and
  • Applications submitted under this scheme will not be subjected to in-depth fund assessments thereby reducing processing times

Keeping all in mind we can conclude that New Zealand is an extraordinarily beautiful country to visit and to study in. It is renowned as one of the most scenic countries in the world with students from all countries choosing NZ for their University and English language studies.

See more details @ Why Study in New Zealand

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ankigarg87 6 years ago

Nice hub !

Stuart Law 6 years ago

Very easy to use. Good work!

Jaspals profile image

Jaspals 6 years ago from India / Australia Author

Dear Ankigarg87 & Stuart Law. You are honored for your outstanding remark. Thanks for comment.

sukhpal  6 years ago


My name is sukhpal singh. I am a student in one of the best institute in Germany. I am looking for the PHD in the field of computer science. Could you please help me to find some university.

please mail me

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Eaglekiwi 6 years ago from -Oceania

Thankyou for writing this hub ,you have done your research well and seem to speak from experience.

Kia ora

Jaspals profile image

Jaspals 6 years ago from India / Australia Author

Thanks Kia Ora.

Lovejit Singh 5 years ago

Sir, it is really very Valuable Information for everyone.

Thanks for this Information.

Niraj Rai 5 years ago

Hi This is Niraj Rai from nepal, Actually i'm wanting to enroll MBA in New Zealand of university but am confused about FTS, so please let me know, these rules for Nepalese students too or not?


Niraj Rai


5hashank profile image

5hashank 5 years ago

Nicely presented and informative. Thanks

sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 5 years ago from India

Thanks Jaspals for the info. Since Australia is not sought after by Indian student anymore because of racial attacks on Indians.. NZ looks to be a better option.

Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia

I always thought New Zealand was so beautiful and I've always wanted to go there. Thanks for the informative hub; I voted it up and beautiful!

thumbi7 profile image

thumbi7 4 years ago from India

Very useful hub!

Enjoyed the photos.

Thanks for sharing

alisha4u profile image

alisha4u 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

Do you still consider New Zealand to be the best place to study??

I mean, after looking at the present scenario....

Jaspals profile image

Jaspals 4 years ago from India / Australia Author

Dear Alisha. Certainly. Not only is New Zealand a friendly, diverse and beautiful country. You can learn so much from just being in this country as it is so culturally diverse. Living or staying in New Zealand will show you a different way of life. So why not come and study in this beautiful country, not only is it stunning to look at but there is so much to learn just from being here.

Jaspals profile image

Jaspals 4 years ago from India / Australia Author

Thumbi7. Thanks for reading and adding your comments.

Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

never thought that New Zealand was good for studies. When mother nature there is so beautiful who would think of

useful information though, jaspal. voting up as interesting!

Jaspals profile image

Jaspals 4 years ago from India / Australia Author

Dear Ruchira. I liked your comment. See my other hubs and put your wonderful comments there too. Thanks.

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shalycriston 4 years ago from USA

Useful hub! Voted Up, Keep up this kind of good work :)

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rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

Nice informative hub! Thank you Sir!

Jaspals profile image

Jaspals 4 years ago from India / Australia Author

Dear Shalycriston and Rahul. Thanks for your appreciating comments.

Thundermama profile image

Thundermama 4 years ago from Canada

I have always wanted to travel to New Zealand and stay for a while. Your hub made me want to hop on a plane and head there now. Very informative.

Jaspals profile image

Jaspals 4 years ago from India / Australia Author

Dear Thundermama. Thanks for your valuable comment. I wish for your early plan to travel this wonderful Place.

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