Japan: Nikko National Park - Ryuzu Waterfall

Japan - Nikko National Park

As waterfalls go, the Ryuzu waterfall in Nikko National Park, is not the, longest, biggest, widest or fastest flowing. It is not the most exciting, or the most famous, probably not even the most pretty waterfall in Japan. In fact, in looking to describe the Ryuzu waterfall, I could not find any superlatives which apply. So what is the attraction?

Ryuzu Waterfall

Nestled in the arms of Mother Nature, surrounded by trees, Ryuzu falls is a natural waterfall which splits itself in two as it tumbles from the rocks above into the frothy, fast-moving river below. Ryu means dragon and its twin water shoots do indeed bring to mind images of the horns of a dragon.

As soon as I arrived, and before actually seeing the waterfall, I could sense that this was a special place. In common with other sites which I have been to which exist in harmony with nature, there was at once a feeling of warmth and of relaxed well-being; a familiarity that is like being welcomed with a hug by an old friend.

Where the Devas and Nature Spirits Play

At the head of the falls, built at the closest vantage point, there is a small café restaurant where most of the tables afford a magnificent view of the twin chutes as they tumble incessantly into the swirling river below. Right here, at the head of the dragon, the energy was electrifying. It was as though Mother Nature herself was talking to me.

A sense of well-being swelled-up inside of me and a smile began to play across my lips. I was filled with sensations of joy, lightness and playfulness. The trees also seemed to be rejoicing, swaying gently as a passing breeze briefly ruffled their leaves. It seemed to me that here, caught in the spray thrown up from the thundering cascades, the ‘kami’ the nature spirits and devas were dancing and frolicking. Nature was constantly renewing herself, rebirthing, creating anew.

Meditation with Nature Spirits

I stayed a long time, soaking up these energies, before taking a walk along the paved pathway which runs alongside the river and upwards to its source. After a short while, I felt compelled to stop and be still; to allow myself to soak up some more of the wonderful energy. I sat down on a nearby bench, closed my eyes and entered a brief meditation. The immediate sensations were gaiety, joy, dancing, playing, all of the qualities that I associate with nature spirits, or ‘kami’ in Japanese.

Passers-by must have looked on with puzzled amusement to see the only “Gaijin” there, sitting, smiling contentedly with his eyes closed. The pitter-patter of raindrops falling on my head gently returned me to reality, and I reluctantly made my way back down to the main reception area.

There is a souvenir shop and also a small shrine which pays homage to a God who rides a dragon. I bought myself a dragon key-ring from the shop and paid my respects to the dragon God by tossing a few Yen into his collection box and ringing his bell. To my surprise, I heard a small voice say to me “All your dreams will come true” – or was it just my imagination? Come to the Ryuzu Waterfall in Nikko National Park, Japan, There is magic here!


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Nikko Gate
Nikko Gate
Nikko National Park Pristine Forests
Nikko National Park Pristine Forests

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hailey-jewl 4 years ago

I'm doing a project and need some facts about the park as i am doing atractshion for japan and this eems like a nice park i want to go to japan!!!!!

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