Nokia Company History

The Phones of Nokia Company History

Nokia Company History

Hasn't the mobile phone come a long way, the capability of a phone these days is greater than a personal computer of not so long ago. Nokia is at the front when it comes to the major players in the history of mobile phones. They have an interesting story and even more interesting origin...

Nokia Company History

Beginnings of the Nokia Company History were in 1865 when a wood-pulp mill was set up in Southern Finland. It sold products with the brand name Nokia.

A community called Nokia was started and still exists on the riverbank of Emäkoski in southern Finland.

The Finnish Rubber Works started manufacturing in Nokia in the 1920s and branded its products, including gumboots, as Nokia.

The Finnish Cable Works also setup in Nokia, it produced cables for phone networks. By 1967 all three companies had merged to form the Nokia Group.

Nokia developed a digital switcher for telephone exchanges and also helped develop the world's first mobile phone network.

By the late 1980s Nokia had helped develop the GSM (Global Standard for Mobile communications) and had built more than 60 GSM networks in 31 countries around the world.

The company developed high quality, user friendly mobile phones that have made it the world market leader. I have used a Nokia since my first ‘mobile phone’ was one of those Motorola bricks with the huge battery pack – haven’t we come a long way.

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V.K. SRIVASTAVA [INDIA] 6 years ago

Hi, I’m V.K. Srivastava and I’ using Nokia from past 15 years approx. [i.e. from Nokia 5100 to Nokia 5800] especially for two reasons:

1.Battery backup

2. Rough & tuff handset

For such Goodwill [Battery backup & Rough & tuff handset] its price is quite higher than other handset Company. Almost from last 2 years, now some other 3-4 branded handset companies give tuff competition to Nokia in Indian market on the basis of some advance features / options, These are:-

1. Dual Sim

2. Metallic body

3. Higher mega pixel Camera [Sony Satio – 12.1 mega pixel]

4. Large Display screen. [Sony Satio – 3.5”approx., LG-BL-10cm]

5. Slimmer in size

6. Blinking light features on the top right corner of the handset. [Samsung R220]

I suggest Nokia to work hard on my above suggested points [features / options] if they really want to maintain Monopoly in Indian Mobile market as like earlier because large group of Indian people wants above mentions features in their Nokia handset in cheap price because cost of living in India is much lower than other countries. Personally I’m anxiously waiting for Nokia X6 [16 / 32 GB] in Indian market almost with the price of Nokia 5800 or quit higher.

My good wishes to Nokia

-V.K.SRIVASTAVA Mobile.+919706087060


Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Hi V.K.SRIVASTAVA, thanks for the comment, I too have always had a Nokia - they are super reliable

Nokia 5800 Themes 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for giving briefing about Nokia and their world class models which every owner feels proud of.

I am too a big Nokia fan and owns Nokia 6500 slider and Nokia 5130XM !!!


Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Glad to hear from you Nokia 5800 Themes, like I have said I have always owned a Nokia and will do in many years to come.


Aourangzaib.Qureshi 5 years ago

kia mujhy job mil skti hai plzzzzzzzzz

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 5 years ago Author

Thanks for your comment Aourangzaib.Qureshi, if only I knew what you said???

Deepika 5 years ago


haaaaaaa 5 years ago


leo 5 years ago

.i am using x6 mobile.i thnk its the bst cmpny i hv ever wow wow

amit bhatt j.e shyampur 4 years ago

i hav nokia c6 nd i lv it........ thnx nokia....

Vinayak waghmare 4 years ago

Im using 5233&N8 Its awsoem i love it its the best company in the world.

Arfath khan 4 years ago

The last best handset of Nokia was 5800 but now a days all of Nokia handset and not sufficient to invest money

Vivek burnwal 4 years ago

I like NOKIA bcz it has the features i want.

Yasir khan 4 years ago

I m use nokia 6303i and i love this beautiful look and faster net servise

nayana 4 years ago

Nokia is the only one that I found robust as cellphone. It is highly reliable and awesome too...

Thoms 4 years ago

I really appreciate the Nokia Brand, but the only worry I have, May be If I am not mistaken, the company does not strategize agressively to compete its concurrents (Samsong, ZTE and others.

Saqib khan 4 years ago

i like NOKIA phones because of its features. That's why i am using nokia's 7210 supernova for 3 years & i like it most.

vinay kumar 4 years ago

I love NOKIA

abe nal kota dsara malaysia 4 years ago

I just luuv first and till now only thing among the many things in life I can't get away with...hik hik..

why do i luv nikia? i luv the most bacis and slimiest model..its really a "Mobile Phoonee" tru to its definition indeed...

warda 4 years ago

hey u gave good history of nokia that helped me a lot in my assignment


i am using nokia mobile cell nokia 500. This cell is very nice.

sanjay yadav 4 years ago

HELLO... i m sanjay yadav

i did use nokia aasha

nd this mobile is not availavle application for whatshapp

so give me some information whatshapp software for downloading...

Nokia care service waste. 4 years ago

Hi ,

I am using Nokia C6 Mobil

Purchase Date 06-05-2012

My Mobil is given in Nokia care service center. Nellore. But till Date not telling what Problem 'Y' .

I am given on 28-05-2012




sandip kumar 4 years ago

I am using nokia 101 and this handset is really ruf and tuf and i love the features of this handset.

Muhammad Zahid Akram 4 years ago

i need a smart mobile from nokia

charles onyekachineke 4 years ago

i use nokia 2700 i enjoys nokia product but i need higher brand of nokia that can acess on in defferent applications plz can you send me perferred series of nokia me on FACEBOOK by WILLIAMS ONYI THANKS

Abdul 4 years ago

I loved nokia because is best in the world

affu naaz 4 years ago

hiiii.....i m too using nokia mobile since 5 year becoz it is rough and tough and good looking phones... i am giving a presentation on nokia phones since last two years and my teacher likes my presentation a lot that's they keep telling me to give presentation in company meetings also....

navneet 4 years ago

totally ghatiya

karthikmurugan 4 years ago

a standardized company in India

sunny 3 years ago

nic phone


imran 3 years ago

nokia is the best

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