Nordic Sea Hotel, the Ice Bar, and Sweden

Having looked up the availability of at least a four star hotel on before my trip to Sweden, the Nordic Sea Hotel was rated among the tops. This may be true in European standards but being a frequent traveler, I was astonished at the low quality of rooms that were offered there. Make sure you don’t take an economy room unless you are ready to be cramped. It is a 10 X 15 room with bunk beds and a small bath. Though nicely decorated with the traditional wooden floors of Sweden, it is not worth the $153.00 that they charge.

The hotel itself was trying hard to be modern, but the carpeting was stained in the hallways throughout the hotel. We were upgraded out of the bunk bed room after a few complaints about what was promised and not delivered. The bigger room was still a disappointment. To activate the electricity in the room, you had to keep your room card in a slot. This was inconvenient, especially when the room had passive air conditions and would only deviate ten degrees from the outside temperature. No moving air and very stuffy.

The Ice Bar was the one thing we wanted to do at the NordicSea. The bar is made completely of ice. The bar, the tables, the bar stools, even the glasses are made of ice. The cost of entry is about $20.00 U.S. if you are staying at the hotel. You are allowed one drink that is covered in the price and are only allowed to stay 40 minutes. They provide a parka and gloves for the experience. After going in, taking pictures, and leaving, all we could say was, “Been there, done that, and we won’t be back.” It was an experience, but not worth the price.

Overall, the Nordic Sea Hotel really tries but falls far short of my expectations of a four star hotel. It is located right in the middle of all the action of Stockholm, close to the historical and tourist sites. There are cheaper hotels that have the same poor quality, so in my opinion, I would try these first. Another cheaper alternative is the Rica Hotel, only a block away and about $80.00 cheaper with the same amenities, minus the ice bar.


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