Oceanside, CA-What To Do

What to Do in Oceanside, CA

This summer we spent one week in Oceanside, my husband and our kids stayed at a beautiful beach condo in North Coast Village and had a blast. Oceanside is located north of San Diego, about 45 minutes drive from San Diego International airport. You should never assume it would take you only 45 min. though, since traffic between LA and San Diego on both 5 and 405 is HORRENDOUS.

Seriously, I don't know how people function there.

The gorgeous scenery, beautiful climate, outstanding restaurants and the tons of fun things to do compensate for their traffic.

Here are the many fun things you can do while visiting Oceanside, California.


Most people go to Oceanside on vacation for the beach, which is gorgeous. Many of them are under the wrong assumption they can swim in the Pacific ocean. Let me tell you, unless you are not a native Californian, been surfing since age 8, you can't barely dip your feet in the water. That being said, you might be native Alaskan, or just enjoy the masochistic feeling of being cold, or simply be a triathlon athlete in awesome shape...anyway the water is cold. Oceanside beach though is a beautiful place to spend a day, you can bring a cooler full of food and drinks, you can even bring a little hibachi and make a BBQ. Eat, relax, feel the breeze and enjoy the beautiful people around you.

Oceanside Beach
Oceanside Beach

Drinking alchoholic beverages on California beaches is not allowed, unless you are really creative. Much to the popular belief, sunny California is not so sunny, the summer of 2010 was pretty overcast. Bring a light top after 5 pm.

North Coast Village has a fantastic pool with salt water, no chlorine
North Coast Village has a fantastic pool with salt water, no chlorine

If you go to Oceanside for vacation, staying at a beach condo would be the best, since you don't have to worry about beach parking. There are a lot of beach condos to choose from, the North Coast Village is really nice.


If you are staying at North Coast Village, you can take a beautiful walk over a bridge which will take you straight to the Oceanside Harbor -a small board walk with local restaurants and gift shops. I suggest trying the Mexican restaurant-the food is delicious, the Italian is good too, if you are in the mood for fish and chips and you can find this at the Harbor too.

Source: http://www.taltopia.com/view/5932/Oceanside-Harbor-California
Source: http://www.taltopia.com/view/5932/Oceanside-Harbor-California

Oceanside Harbor offers a relaxing atmosphere for a family meal. Enjoy your dinner plus a glass of wine while looking at the boats that are docked at the harbor.

Oceanside Sunset
Oceanside Sunset


The sunset in Oceanside is absolutely gorgeous, you can rent a boat, if you don't have a license they will give you a really slow boat, the rates for this experience are steep, but it's worth it.

Go on a Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a fabulous evening, breathtaking sunset and a fine meal on a dinner cruise. It is a very romantic and relaxing experience. The meals are buffets with all sorts of fresh fish or cooked meats and side dishes.

Oceanside is a beautifull beach town, a perfect romantic getaway or fun vacation for kids. There other places to explore like Old Town San Diego, San Diego Zoo or Sea World.

Old town San Diego
Old town San Diego


San Diego old town is one of these hidden places that tourist somehow skip to visit. A lot of the buildings have been restored to their original architecture, walking around the streets you get this unique feeling of going back in time. Most of the shops sell gardening items, lawn decorations and local crafts.

Visit San Diego Zoo

If you are traveling with kids, then San Diego Zoo should definitely be on your to visit list. The Zoo is located close to downtown San Diego in Balboa Park. It has over 4,000 animals from the forests and jungles of the world.They offer a half an hour bus tour which gives you a very good overview of the zoo. I strongly recommend taking the bus tour as it gives you a chance to see things that you wound't normally see from down below. Also it helps you pick the spots that you want to spend more time once you start walking. It's a whole day experience, you are better off visiting during the week when is less crowded.

Visit SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego is one of the best water parks in the US and is in close proximity to Oceanside - about 40 min. drive. The Shamu show is a magnificent experience, which you can't forget. Bring a sunhat as most shows are out in the open, also go 20 min. before the start of each show if you want to get a good seat.

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