Baggage and Packing...Sometimes Not Related


In Transit to Belgium?
In Transit to Belgium?


Today was interesting. I packed my bags with stuff I won’t need until I reach. If you aren’t careful, baggage is costly to pack while traveling...and in relationships. Thank god for the 8th wonder of the world: space saver bags. If you ever contemplate, the bags with the slot for a vacuum hose to suction air out is better than the bags that you have to roll-up to get the air out. Ten fold. And this is just a guess, but they probably won’t help in your relationships. Also, its amazing the things you find in your room when you simply filter through things. Like a receipt for a haircut with the name of the hairstylist I had forgotten that gave the best cuts. Sorry Jacqui, I didn’t mean to cheat on you by getting my haircut elsewhere. And I thought I was clean and organized to the max. Danny Tanner-like. I guess there’s always room for improvement. Not that the receipt will come in handy until I get back anyway, but I’ll work on it. Speaking of, I have many other things to work on. Better get started before the world passes by. Talking to you too!


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