Paris In March - A Perfect Time of Year to Visit

Louvre at Dusk

We arrive in Paris! It is 9:20am on Friday - it appears we have traveled for a full day, Feeling quite surreal - one moment we are leaving Lake Margaret and the next we are dropped off in the middle of Paris.

Guess this is what happens when you watch 3 movies back to back - time travels, days pass and you stay the same.

The hotel Gary has picked out is just a few blocks off the Seine...which turns out to be our most valuable landmark.

Our cab driver shares a wealth of information as we slowly make our way from the airport... the most important is the location of the Louver, Notre Dame and the Seine in relationship to our hotel.

We get to the hotel, and it is still morning - how can that be? Since we cannot check in for a few hours we leave our bags and start to walk - feeling very much like ducks out of water.

We are able to find the Seine and then Notre Dame. We are amazed at the number of people... Can only imagine what it would be like in a month or so.

We do a quick walk about Notre Dame, stroll along the Seine, and then get lost. We end up at the Bastille - we tour that a bit and then figure that the room should be ready so we head back where we think it should be.

Thank God for Gary’s GPS - we find the Seine, we find Notra Dam, but lordy our hotel is MIA. We walk around for a bit before I call Uncle and ask Gary to please turn on his GPS - he does and of course our hotel is just a block away.

We check in and find that our room is on the 4th floor - feel very happy that it has a working elevator! Lovely room with double windows facing up and down the street.

We put our stuff away and then in defiance of all the things I have read about staying up until the normal bed time we take a nap... Yeah! Gary and I sleep about an hour, wake refreshed - eager to hit the streets... this time for food.

Oh my gosh, so many choices - it makes my head spin. We settle down in a family style restaurant and I order my favorites - wine, french onion soup, beef wine stew and an apple tart.

A lovely way to end a day... well guess it was two days, as Thursday night has just disappeared.

Coping with being dazed and confused.
Coping with being dazed and confused.
Gary fighting the crowd to get into church :)
Gary fighting the crowd to get into church :)
Gary and the Seine
Gary and the Seine
Henry the Fourth I am I am
Henry the Fourth I am I am
Everyone Dances in Paris
Everyone Dances in Paris
Is there a code in this picture?  Good job Gary.
Is there a code in this picture? Good job Gary.
Louvre at dusk
Louvre at dusk

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Jim g 6 years ago

Great pictures. You look rather French with that cool doo.

danick 6 years ago

Great pictures! Looks like it's freezing... But who cares you are in Paris!!

Lots of love, dear Barbara.

Linda Holecek 6 years ago

I'm thoroughly impressed! You guys are really somthing else. I too like your doo! You look a lot like your Mom, ya know? Very stylish. Have fun! Don't get lost.

tlchang 6 years ago

Looks so great! (and you two look like you are totally enjoying yourselves). lucky lucky...

Barb - we so totally have to get together when you return to the states. I'm finally on a break and can actually *do* stuff again. This is making me totally miss you.


ali in Seattle 6 years ago

Barbara! What a success you are and I'm so happy for you. The photos and stories are wonderful. Way to go!!

GPSWorldTraveler profile image

GPSWorldTraveler 6 years ago from Washington State, USA Author

It is the water... or is it the wine that makes the hair look styling and French! It certainly isn't combing or styling, as I forgot a brush, and took the scissors to it upon arrival. Thanks for the compliments, perhaps I can tryout another occupation when I return:)

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