Paris. In the City of dreams and love affairs

Paris city of Dreams

Paris city of Dreams is still the City where I dream I would visit and go and sit in one of those wonderful street Cafes where people sit and chat and philosophize just like the great French Philosophers of the past. The Cafes the Restaurants such as Maxim's. The famous Shops and of course the Eiffel tower and lets not forget Paris Hilton. That was The Paris Hilton. Restaurants such as Maxim's Restaurant is one place I would like to dine at least once in my life. As well I would like to see the Tour de France, the final day in Paris,  the Criterion , which marks the end of the race.

Do you have a place you dream of visiting? Paris for me is still the one. Yet for some reason I have yet to go there. Maybe I do not want to spoil the dream by viwing what might be a reality whichwill leave me disappointed.  Please leave me a comment below.

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barryrutherford profile image

barryrutherford 6 years ago from Queensland Australia Author

Thanks Peter & Ethel one day I will go there !

shazwellyn profile image

shazwellyn 6 years ago from Great Britain

I went to Paris last year - my favourite place was Sacred Heart - it is high land with a beautiful church .. this is the place of sacre coeur - there were street entertainers that performed to the passing people. This is the place of the arts - a haven of culture. It reminds me of my own town - Glastonbury - it has the same vibe.

In the dark, you could watch the illumination of the Eiffel Tower sparkle in the distance.

Thanks for sharing.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

I visited it twice and it is lovely, One day I will come back, I would be glad to visit Rio De Janeiro, Maita

rebekahELLE profile image

rebekahELLE 6 years ago from Tampa Bay

now that is the way to start a hub about Paris!! When I visited Paris, my friend had Diana Krall playing in his vehicle whenever we were driving!! You're bringing back memories. Make your dream true and do it. Save money, do whatever you have to do to get to Paris at least once in your lifetime!! 'she' will forever be in your heart. and how nice, I scrolled down and saw my hub! what a surprise! thank you. :)

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 6 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

YEs I have still to visit Paris. One day.

Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 6 years ago

Ahhhhh, so nice to read your romantic words Barry!! Thank you for sharing!!

I agree with your ending paragraph!! There are a few places in the world I too, have dreamed of going - with that special someone!! Barbados in search of the Tamarind Seed is one!!

I have often wondered if we are drawn to certain places because that special someone is already there waiting for us!!??

Thanks again for sharing!! Blessings always, Earth Angel!!

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

I love Paris in the the summer too. Sacre Coeur is special to me, Pigalle too.

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