Pattaya to Bangkok by Minibus

Pattaya to Bangkok By Minibus

There are regular scheduled bus services to Bangkok from Pattaya and it is even possible to catch buses by standing up by the edge of the Sukhumvit Highway. There are taxis available 24 hours a day. Expect to pay in the region of 800 -1000 Thai Baht for a taxi. The other alternative is to travel from Pattaya to Bangkok by minibus.

There are a number of minibus services operating out of Pattaya. They are clean, quick and efficient. For the purposes of this article I have chosen two companies, both of which are located in Pattaya Klang close to or on the Central Pattaya road. These minibus services are cheap and charge 120 - 150 Thai Baht one way. Seats can be booked and paid for in advance.

The minibuses run every 40 minutes from 05.00 in the morning till 20.00 in the evening. Both head to the Victory Monument in Bangkok. This is an ideal drop off point as it is a transport hub for the entire Bangkok area.

Any travel agent and practically every hotel or guesthouse in Pattaya can book you a minibus. They will charge you 400 Baht. These are exactly the same or similar companies as those detailed below. In effect you are paying a booking fee combined with a collection from your hotel charge of between 250 and 280 Thai Baht. You can reach the minibus stations for 30 Baht on a motorcycle taxi from Central Pattaya. Why pay more?

TIP: If traveling alone take a motorcycle taxi from and to the Victory Monument. Bangkok traffic can quickly gridlock but the motorci always gets through.

KK Group Van Service

The KK Group Minibus service is located on Pattaya second road just around the corner from the TOPS supermarket. It is an efficient and longstanding professionally run company. The minibuses are clean and air conditioned. Most of the drivers are friendly and helpful and a few speak some English.

Tickets may be purchased from the office either on the day or in advance. Make sure to retain your ticket.

The one way ticket costs 120 Thai Baht and the journey time is usually under two hours.

KK Booking Office on Central Pattaya Road

KK sign

Although the sign above mentions the airport, this is no longer part of their service.
Although the sign above mentions the airport, this is no longer part of their service.

Pannipa Minibus Service

The Pannipa Minibus service office is located on Central Pattaya road between the Carrefour shopping mall and Foodland (Just a little after the 69 Karaoke Bar on the left hand side). Over 20 air conditioned minibuses leave their departure point for Bangkok every day. It is a clean, safe and professional set up. It is also popular so it is advisable that you book and pay for your ticket in advance. It is possible however just to turn up and chance a seat. As the next bus is due to leave some forty minutes later there really is not that long to wait.

The cost of a one way ticket is 150 Thai Baht and the journey time is, depending on traffic, usually under two hours.

Pannipa Minibus Station on Central Pattaya Road

One of the fleet of Pannipa minibuses

The Pattaya Hubs

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

I used to love travel around out there.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

Hello, hello, - It can be fun or infuriarating

pattayalover profile image

pattayalover 5 years ago

I normally travel by mini bus

4hourmike profile image

4hourmike 5 years ago from Thailand

Hi Peter, I found this Hub because you have the number one position on Google for the search term "k.k. group van service" Congratulations! I personally don't like the vans. My legs are long and I find the seating to be too cramped. Also, they don't seem to rum on any schedule. The last time I made the trip in a van, I had to sit around the office until the van filled up with passengers. Only then did we leave.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 5 years ago from South East Asia Author

Thanks Mike, I have used both. I think it may be the luck of the draw. I have travelled in comfort with just two other passengers. It does not happen that often though.

profile image

archie rondel 4 years ago

we have used pannipa for the first time and it will be our last they are hopeless. they are supposed to start at 5.00and run every 30 minutes ,we got there at 6.15am to get the 6 30am. only to be told no van till 7.00am minibus arrived at 6.45 we get onboard and by the time they have run around pattaya and stopped for fuel we are still in Pattaya at 7.45am. I would not call this a very efficient service. will try KK next time.

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