Hope This Never Happens
Hope This Never Happens


One day left. I wish I didn’t know how to count. The last several days have been a phantasmagoria. I imagine the next couple months to be more so. The weekend went 100mph in a 65mph zone. Monday and Tuesday...about 90mph. Could have used a cop to slow everything down, or to revoke my lifesence for reckless partying. I won’t need the cop, I am revoking it myself. If it isn’t apparent, the aftertaste is more bitter than sweet. A lot more. In my case, patience will usually reverse the taste. And in any case, it always helps if you fixate your eyes on something other than the clock. My internal clock doesn’t realize it now, but it too will demand patience. Seven hours worth. I have last minute things to figure out tomorrow. And first minute things to figure out when I realize I didn’t cover all the last minute things. So inundated.

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vishnuk 6 years ago


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conTEJus 6 years ago Author

Thanks Vishnu Mama, I appreciate it! Means a lot that you called!!

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