Phi Phi Islands: One of The Best Destinations in Thailand

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View of Ao Maya (Maya Beach) from the ocean.
View of Ao Maya (Maya Beach) from the ocean.
View of Ao Maya (Maya Beach) from the ocean. | Source

Short Brief

It is no secret anymore that Thailand famed with many great holiday destinations for tourists. From Bangkok with varieties of markets until Province of Krabi, that has beautiful and remarkable islands.

Divided into six islands: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Leh, Koh Mai Phai, Koh Yung, and Bida Islands (Bida Nok and Bida Noi), Phi Phi Group is very well-known destination in Thailand, with Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh as main destinations.

Small fishing and farming society are the primary life in Phi Phi Islands. Local bohemian lifestyle and the generosity, make the islands livelier, especially in Phi Phi Don. In this fashion, it is the most developed and inhabited among to the other islands. The area has something for all varieties of budgets. In other words, Phi Phi Islands committed to anyone and everyone.

Loh Bagao Beach in Phi Phi Don.
Loh Bagao Beach in Phi Phi Don. | Source

Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi Don is a prime island in Phi Phi Group. It covers 30 km² with several lengthy white sand beaches on site. Cruising through Sailing Booze Cruise Day Trip or scuba diving with Princess Divers might be a good idea for exploring the area.

Ton Sai Bay is a favorite tourist area on Phi Phi Don Island. Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel invites visitors who prefer into luxury and romantic impression. Andaman Beach Resort, Phi Phi Popular Beach Resort, and Mama Beach Residence also operate in this area.

Laem Tong Beach bit quiet and secluded. It is absolutely a good option to those who would like to make the area as a second residence. Some recommended accommodations are also available in here, such like Zeavola Hotel and Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island.

Even though Long Beach is not secluded area, it is still a worth place on this island. In addition, Phi Phi The Beach Resort is one of recommended accommodations in here.

Visitors who would like to stay around center areas; they can register themselves to Ivory Phi Phi Island Hotel in Ao Lo Dalam and Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort & Spa in Loh Bagao.

Long-tail boats at Ao Maya.
Long-tail boats at Ao Maya. | Source

Phi Phi Leh

Phi Phi Leh is smaller than Phi Phi Don is. The area covers six km² along with Ao Maya (Maya Beach) and the enormous limestone rocks at the island.

Leonardo Di Caprio, who starred The Beach Movie, used this island for movie setting. Unfortunately, controversial appeared after the movie had inaugurated because of the environment distraction. At the opposite side, Phi Phi Leh has become one of tourism brands for Thailand since year 2,000.

There are numerous caves where birds perch in their multitudes at nearby. The sea swallows create gelatinous nests in the caves. According to community, many restaurants enjoy it for some gracefulness in Chinese Cuisine.

Tourists at Koh Mai Phai.
Tourists at Koh Mai Phai. | Source

Koh Mai Phai (Bamboo Island)

Koh Mai Phai (Bamboo Island) is a fine option to break away from chaos tone in Phi Phi Leh. Bring the camping gear is a smart way to accomplish the expectation, where neither the accommodation nor facility assistance on this island. Who wants to hide? Koh Mai Phai could be one of selections in Thailand.

Koh Yung or Mosquito Island, which known with tons of mosquitoes during the evening.
Koh Yung or Mosquito Island, which known with tons of mosquitoes during the evening. | Source

Koh Yung (Mosquito Island)

Koh Yung (Mosquito Island) is another unique island in Phi Phi Group. The limestone cliff dominates this small island. At nearby, there is a great spot for scuba diving whereas the day trip is a smart idea to this island. Anyone who intends to be a friend with tons of mosquitoes, they can visit Koh Yung during the evening.

Bida Nok, which known as one of best diving points at Andaman Sea.
Bida Nok, which known as one of best diving points at Andaman Sea. | Source

Bida Islands (Bida Nok and Bida Noi )

Limestone cliffs are the major themes on Bida Nok and Bida Noi. There are no inhabitants, and zero impressive! However, never underestimated these islands because some unique underwater creatures such like; moray eels, leopard sharks, and turtles exists around the area. To scuba diver and underwater photographer, Bida Nok and Bida Noi are the alternative spots in Phi Phi Group.

Getting to Phi Phi Islands

Situated between Phuket and Western Andaman Sea, Phi Phi Islands distance to 30 miles from Phuket, 25 miles from Krabi Town, and 21 - 22 miles from Ao Nang Beach. The trip takes 45 - 50 minutes from Ao Nang Beach, Krabi Town, and Phuket usually. Ferry is the smartest option to Phi Phi Islands. Krabi Town and Phuket are the best bases. There are two shipping time around 8: 15 am and 13:45 pm from Krabi usually. 9:00 am, 10:45 am and 14:30 pm, are the daily timetable from Phuket. Visitors who choose on comfortable way to Koh Phi Phi, there are accommodations and private companies can organize departure plan from Krabi Town and Phuket. Here, price bit high sometimes.

November until March is the right time to visit Phi Phi Islands. For more particular, mid-November or last-February or first-March, is the best time. Visitors can go to Phi Phi Islands at the other interval times. In this matter, monsoon season is a main problem.

Maybe, it sounds hype to state this area is the best destination in Thailand. In fact, it is also not wrong if some tourists say that Phi Phi Group is one of the best destinations in Thailand.

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hiit 4 years ago

Great hub, looking forward to come back and fascinted by your posts. Thank you.

Ron from

agsuto profile image

agsuto 5 years ago from Indonesia Author


Thanks for sharing your experience in Phi Phi. I really appreciate and maybe I'll use your guide for my next trip.

delphine781 profile image

delphine781 5 years ago from Thailand

I love Phi Phi. I was there 8 years ago for the first time and stay there for 4 weeks. Perfect for snorkeling, big anough to explore for weeks and many smaller islands around. I just love it. I live now in Phuket and we go often with our customers on sailing tour to Phi Phi. To stay overnight at Maya Bay or in front of the main vilage is great. I would too recommend to go by ferry, is cheap and the best way to explore the isalnds, stay for few days at least and take a long-tail boat at Phi Phi Done to the places you wish to see. Do not go by speedboat for just one day trip. It is not relaxing and you will not apreciat this beauty so much, like if you would have more time. Alone for snorkeling at Long beach you would need at least one hour to explore a part of the reaf. You can see also sharks at this beach. Ask just the locals where it is exact. By the way if you have some extra money you can charter a sailing boat for few days and explore this islands.

agsuto profile image

agsuto 5 years ago from Indonesia Author


Thanks for the compliment, I'll think about it. Just visit and explore Phi Phi Islands, you will not regret.

kerlynb profile image

kerlynb 5 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

agsuto, you should be a photographer for National Geographic! Your pics are simply awesome, really. I've heard about Phi Phi Islands from my Japanese friends who are actually well-traveled people. They said Phi Phi is their ideal tropical getaway. Would like to visit someday.

agsuto profile image

agsuto 5 years ago from Indonesia Author

@Cloverleaf and Cvanthul: Thanks...

cvanthul profile image

cvanthul 5 years ago from Florida

Beautiful photos!

Cloverleaf profile image

Cloverleaf 5 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

Looks and sounds beautiful; thanks for the info!

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