Phuket - Perfect Holiday Destination for Every Traveler

Phuket: The world class Holiday Destination

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island which is hot and humid throughout the year. It is one of the best beach destinations in the world which is widely popular as a travel destination. English is widely spoken here, especially in the beach areas. An island hopping tour would be a wonderful vacation experience at Phuket, as it is surrounded by islands. Tourism has now changed Phuket into one of the wealthiest province in Thailand and is the premier tourist destinations there.

Are you wondering about why Phuket is one of the most preferred holiday destinations across the world? This is probably because it is not only home to white sand beaches and spectacular sceneries, but it also offers an array of activities that tourists can engage into. This means that holiday at Phuket will be filled with lots of learning, fun and adventure. For example, if you are a water sports lover, then you will have an opportunity not only for swimming, but also white water rafting, surfing, diving and sea canoeing.

Phuket - Land of Sandy Beaches

Beaches of Phuket
Beaches of Phuket

Phuket: The world class Holiday Destination

Beaches at Phuket

Phuket is well known for its immaculate stunning beaches. Most of the beaches here are on the west coast. Phuket sea shores lined with palm trees are undoubtedly famous around the world for their clear water and white sand. Some of the most popular beaches on Phuket Island include Patong, Karon, Nai Harn, Kata and Kamala.

Nightlife in Phuket

he nightlife of Phuket is another attraction for which tourists from around the world visit the island every year. A range of nightlife venues are found on Patong beach along Soi Bangla. Several clubs are situated along the Bangla Road of Patong, which include the world famous Tiger Disco and New Seduction Disco. The Bangla Road is also lined with hundreds of bars, where beautiful escorts are available to please their clients. Dance shows are organized to keep the guests and foreigners entertained. Phuket Fantasea is the ultimate in night entertainments at phuket. It is known as the Disneyland of South East Asia.

Shopping in Phuket

Earlier, Phuket shops sold tailor made clothes, fake designer clothes and booleg movies or software programs. But now, a multitude of shopping malls have been established where renowned international retailers, restaurant outlets and unique local boutiques are available for service. Phuket is famous for its cultured pearls, nielloware, pewterware, ornaments and dried seafood.

The larger beaches here are crowded by tailors and you can buy clothes here at a cheaper rate. But it’s better to buy your own fabrics by checking its quality carefully rather than buying readymade ones. Do not forget to visit the Phuket Junkceylon Mall and Central Carnival Mall, the giant shopping malls, which are unique in their own kind, as far as their variety, quality and service are concerned.

Shopping in Phuket

Street Shopping in Phuket Thailand
Street Shopping in Phuket Thailand

Places to visit in Phuket

For a great freshwater fishing experience visit AC's Phuket Fishing Park. You will have a very wonderful experience there by catching many species of fishes. Equipments necessary for it are available there and local guides will help you with such activities. The Chalong temple, crocodile farm, Phuket aquarium etc are some other places that are to be visited. You can also explore the biggest waterfalls at Thailand especially during the rainy season.

Phuket Golf Clubs

  1. Blue Canyon Country Club Golf Course
  2. Mission Hills Golf Club
  3. Laguna Phuket Golf Club
  4. Phuket Country Club Golf Course
  5. Thai Muang Golf Club
  6. Loch Palm Golf Club

Activities in Phuket

Snorkeling and diving can be enjoyed at its maximum at Phuket. Beyond all these beach and water sports activities there are many more activities that can be enjoyed outdoors. If you want to complete the Phuket adventure you must try some of these activities.

Safari tour in Surin will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Horse riding, go-karting and visiting the Zoo is also an unavoidable thing to do. Horse back riding through special beaches and jungle trails would be a memorable adventure. Phuket’s beautiful sights can be enjoyed well through this activity which will also be a wonderful experience for horse lovers.

Do not forget the elephant trekking, for which, Thailand is well known for. The local people here believe that elephant is a symbol of luck. Most of the tourist destinations here showcase elephants as one of the main entertainments. This activity includes one and a half hour ride on an elephant’s back where you will be taken through different trekking routes in forests and mountains of Thailand. If you are interested in seeing acrobatics, jet skis and diving antics, then Phuket makes arrangements for these activities too. Phuket Fantasea is also organized which is similar to the popular show seen in the Las Vegas. A visit to the Fantasea Theme Park would be an unforgettable experience as you can witness the thrilling elephant show there. It would be a wonderful experience especially for those who visit the place with their family.

The bungee jump activity is also available here which is most suitable for those who wish daring adventures. First timers can also use this opportunity to test their braveness. There are mainly two bungee jump locations- jungle bungee jump and world bungee jump.

Activities like Shooting, Sporting Clay, paintball etc are enjoyed by men the most. So try to include these activities too if you come in groups. Phuket shooting range is the best location here to try all such activities

Phuket - Paradise Island

Phuket vegetarian festival in Thailand
Phuket vegetarian festival in Thailand

Festivals in Phuket

Tha Thep Krasattri Fair and Thao Is Sunthon are celebrated on March 13 every year. You can feast on vegetarian delicacies during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival which is held by end of September or start of October every year.

If you are a sports lover, then you should visit Phuket during December when Laguna Phuket Triathlon and Phuket King’s Cup Regatta are held.

Sea Gypsy Floating Festival or Chao Ley is held twice in a year, during July and November. Know your interests and visit Phuket accordingly so that you can take advantage of the popular festival being held on the island.

A trip to Phuket can truly capture your heart. Whether you alone or with your family or as a couple, you will definitely find something to enjoy on the Phuket Island, and that is why, it is one of the most popular holiday destinations among people of varied interests.

Once you know more about the place you will never want to abandon a trip to this exquisite paradise. So next time when you plan for a vacation trip, consider visiting and enjoying the full packed adventure at Phuket.

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Phuket is one of my favorite destinations and i travel there every year. Nice Hub.

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