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Ethiopian Adventures

As one of the oldest countries in Africa, a tour Ethiopia getaway could be one of your greatest adventures. People from across the globe come to Ethiopia each year to see its rich culture and diverse beauty. The tour Ethiopia is known for is of the capital city and the highlands. Here you can find cultured hospitality that offers modern amenities and first class adventure.

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The places to see in Ethiopia are diverse. You can go to the popular tourists’ destinations like Debre Markos, Jiiga, Arba Minch, and Gambella. Once you land in the capital, all of these destinations can be reached by air transportation. Here you will see natural landscapes that scatter throughout the rural area once you are out of the cities.


Other places to see in Ethiopia are Gondar and the Blue Nile Gorge. Gondar has several castles that were built by the Eth Emperors almost 400 years ago. They call Gondar the Gateway to the Simien Mountains. There is a plethora of flora and fauna to see while visiting and the interaction between the Gelada Baboons and tourists have been legendary.

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Blue Nile Gorge

The Blue Nile Gorge has breathtaking views of swimming holes and waterfalls. The source of the Gorge is Lake Tana and the streams and rivers that flow into it. You can find the gorge on the road from Bahir Dar and Addis about 120 miles into the trip. This is something that cannot be missed. Ethiopia is a land of mystery and beauty and should not be scratched off your adventure to do list.

Blue Nile Gorge

Omo Valley

A cultural tour of Ethiopia is something that should not be missed. Omo Valley hosts one of the most anticipated cultural vacation spots in the country. There are many diverse cultures and fascinating tribes that dwell within. The ethnic groups or tribes that can be met are the Karo, Hamar, Surma, Mursi, Geleb, Bume, and Konso. Each are known for the cultural tattoos or scarification that they use for cosmetic reasons. The lip plates of the tribes and the hairstyling is unlike any other culture on earth. If you are lucky you can see their custom of stick fighting or watch the tradition of body painting.

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