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Portland Holidays

Portland Holidays Direct is a holiday booking group with stellar reviews! While looking to holiday someplace warm over the winter months I found many Portland Holidays Reviews. I have not found a bad review yet!

I felt it very important to find real people reviews as there has been some bad press of late regarding package holidays. Many bad stories included people getting sick and the most likely source being food poisoning. These stories a worrisome as the cause of the illnesses was not totally confirmed.

Whenever I go on holiday I want to be sure that I am not throwing away good money on a bad experience! If you have ever gotten sick while on holiday you will know what I mean!

My method for minimizing this sort of risk is to find out what others have to say. Reviews on the companies website might be filtered to make them look good so I try to find independent sites with reviews. An independent site has no invested interest in making any one company look good, its interest is in its own reputation.

For Portland Holidays I found several rave reviews on ciao.co.uk. The only disadvantages mentioned was the online nature of this company, you cannot book in any travel agent, you cannot pay by cash and last they have only 2 brochures, summer and winter. I do not find this to be a problem as I am not likely to want to pay in cash! I also tend to do most of my price research online as well as buying travel tickets.

Portland travels to over 50 destinations worldwide from 23 local UK airports so my desire to find a warmer climate for a winter holiday should be pretty easy! I like so many others out there am on a tight budget and I appreciate the range of packages so I can keep in budget.

I am very impressed with what I have found. I want a safe/reasonable mode of travel to get there and a reasonable/comfortable place to stay when there. I love the adventure of learning about a new place and finding my own adventures to write home about. Portland Travel ticks all my boxes!

If you are thinking about making a winter escape I would recommend checking these guys out! With all the destinations you may have trouble deciding where to go. I am torn between Jamaica, definitely warm and tropical, and Egypt, would love to see those pyramids!

Possible Travel Destinations!


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