Queenstown – Capital Of Extreme Sports

Queenstown is another beautiful New Zealand city which you can visit during your vacation in New Zealand. The name of the city came from a gold trader, who after seeing the beauty of the place said Even Queen Victoria will like this place. Nowadays, Queenstown is the most popular and visited resort in New Zealand.

More than 1 million tourist visit Queenstown every year. The adventurous and extreme tourism is well known and developed in Queenstown. The city is well known place where you can have fun and try numerous extreme attractions. They are so many that you will be definitely astonished by the big opportunities which you will have to feel the adrenaline in your blood.

If you are addicted to extreme sports and adventures then you Queenstown is the right place for you. You can try parachute jumping, flying with helicopter and glider, air surfing, water skiing, speed boating, yacht cruises, bungee jumping and relaxing during your golf game. Queenstown will give you great opportunity for off road driving, because there is located one of the most dangerous and hard roads in the world - the road in SkippersCanyon.

New Zealand is the mother of the recently popular Zorb ball, created by Eykars brothers. Zorbing is extreme sport in which you just get into a giant rubber ball filled with water and roll down the hills with more than 50 km/h. The feeling is really great and the adrenaline rush is simply amazing. If you loved the stories of many heroic gold diggers, you can try your luck to find some small pieces of gold in ShotoverRiver. Many people manage to find pretty nice gold rocks which can be the perfect gift for your loved people.

There is a lift which will take you 466 meter up form where you will be able to see many beautiful views and landscapes. You will see the magnificent Ben Lomond Mountain and the calm and fantastic Wakatipu Lake. Interesting fact about the lake is that its level goes up and down with 12 cm. every 5 minutes. That's why the local people call Wakatipu Lake - the "breathing lake."

The lake is really magical and there is an interesting legend. The giant called Matua stole the beautiful maiden called Manata. Her loving boyfriend Matakauri was searching for her many years and finally found her tied up for ferocious dog. They manage to escape and later Matakauri came back for revenge. He killed the giant and from the heart of this mythological creature was created the lake. You can use the steamship "TSS EARNSLAW" and visit one of the biggest farms in New Zealand - Walter Peak Station. There you can see more than 20,000 sheep and 3,000 cows. Believe me, the view is really incredible and interesting.

As you see, there are many attractions which will make your vacation in Queenstown fantastic. If you are a lover of extreme sports, then you will definitely meet there a lot of new friends and try many challenges. Plan your vacation in Queenstown and you will not regret.

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