Quick and Cheap Get Aways in California

Redwoods Video

My number one place to go is the Redwoods in California it is just majestic.

Excellent places you can rest and enjoy the scenerey.

A weekend at these places will refresh you guaranteed.

Majestic is and understatement for this place.

Welcome to the Trees of Mystery's web page!

We have information on the giant redwoods,

Sequoia Sempervirens as well as the Sierra and

Dawn redwoods. We have redwood coast information,

motels, restaurants and camping. Local trails,

Redwood National Park, miles and miles of deserted

beaches and the Trees of Mystery itself.

Come on in!


email us at:tofm@northcoast.com

Lake Arrowhead Video

Here is quick get away No. 2 (Lake Arrowhead)

Lake Arrowhead California Pristine and Bodacious.

Because of its central location in Southern California, day trips as well as overnight
stays are easily accessible. There are enough attractions to keep you busy.

matter how you wish to spend your vacation, on the go or luxuriating in the peace
and quiet of our main attraction- the National Forest- Lake Arrowhead is ideal
for everyone. The following is a list of our attractions.

Queen & Leroy's Sports

Lake Arrowhead Village, Dockside,
P. O.
Box 50 Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
Phone: 909-336-6992

Blue Jay

Sit back, relax and enjoy a movie and popcorn

Hwy 189 at N Bay Rd, Blue Jay

Phone: 909-337-8404

Big Bear
Charter Fishing

Fishing All Year Round

Pleasure Point Marina Big Bear, CA 92315

Phone: 909-866-2240 Fax: 760-961-1039


Located in the San Bernardino National Forest, Hwy. 18 Near Running

P.O. Box 350 Skyforest, CA 92385

Phone: 909-337-5156 Fax: 909-337-1104

Ice Castle
International Training Center

Training Center, Skating School and Recreational Activities

401 Burnt Mill Rd., Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Phone: 909-337-0802

Lake Gregory
- San Bernardino County Parks

Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Waterslides

24171 Lake Drive (P.O. Box 656), Crestline, CA 92325

Phone: (909) 338-2233 Fax: (909) 338-4590

Skies Astronomical Society/Astronomy Village

Starwatches, Science Center, Workshops

2001 Observatory Way - Hwy. 18, West of Rim High School, 92352

P. O. Box 1169 Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Phone: 909-336-1699 Fax: 909-336-4497

Rim Bowling
and Entertainment Center

Family Bowling

23991 Lake Dr., Crestline, CA 92325

Phone: 909-338-5550

Rim Nordic/Green
Valley Nordic Ski Area

Cross Country Skiing
P. O. Box 2990 Running
Springs, CA 92382
Phone: 909-867-2600 Fax: 909-337-9702

San Manuel
Indian Bingo & Casino

5797 N. Victoria Avenue, Highland CA

Phone: 909-864-5050

Snow Drift
Tubing Park

Inner Tube Park

5 miles East of Running Spring, State Hwy 18,

Phone: 909-867-2640

Valley, Inc.

Skiing, Mountain Biking, Snowboard, Skating, Concerts

5 Miles East of Running Springs State Hwy 18,

P. O. Box 2337 Running Springs, CA 92382

Phone: 909-867-2751 Fax: 909-867-7687


Wildlife sanctuary, education and visitor center for

endangered and indigenous wild animals

P. O. Box 1782 Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Phone: 909-337-1391

Box 219
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
Phone (909) 337-3715
Fax (909) 336-1548

Email info@lakearrowhead.net

Catalina Island Scenery

Here is my spot 3 It is also in California it is Catalina Island

Catalina Island the place you can play hard.

Day 1

* After taking a morning boat to Catalina, get adjusted to a slower pace: linger over a salad or sandwich on the outdoor patio at the Busy Bee.

* Make a stop to buy tickets for all the tours you want to take during your visit. Buying them all at once, you can take advantage of package prices, and you won't risk the disappointment of a sold-out tour.

* Get oriented. Walk or take a golf cart to the Botanical Gardens where the Wrigley Memorial overlooks the gardens, much as Mr. Wrigley once looked out over the Chicago Cubs at the baseball diamond you passed on the way up. Wander among the giant cacti and native plants, then climb up to the Memorial for a view of Avalon and the ocean beyond.

* If you're feeling energetic, hike up the path that starts just below the Memorial. A climb lead to the backbone of the island, where breezes from both sides meet, carrying scents of wild fennel and salt water.

* Catalina's waters are rich with fish. Opal eye, calico bass and bright orange garibaldi swim in giant kelp forests. On your afternoon semi-submersible tour, get a fish's-eye view without getting wet.

* Back on land, walk to the end of the pier. Here you'll find Eric's, a bar whose only walls are the painted lines on the boardwalk.

* Watch the sun set, then try the fresh seafood at Armstrong's Fish Market, or dine under the outdoor canopy at The Landing.

* The Avalon Theater's art deco interior is worth the price of admission, no matter what film is showing. Arrive early to explore the elegant wood-paneled lobby (appraised at $4 million for the wood alone), and take in the murals of Catalina history inside the auditorium.

Day 2

* Energize yourself for the day with breakfast at Antonio's, where the omelets are fluffy and the Bloody Marys are legendary. Get a table outside if you can, but don't miss the inside photos of mind-boggling Pacific storms hammering the tiny pier.

* Because the island is a conservancy, automobile access to its unspoiled interior is restricted. Take the four-hour Inland Motor Tour to visit the Airport-in-the-Sky, Wrigley's El Rancho Escondido with its fine Arabian horses and the island's resident buffalo herd.

* Spend the afternoon relaxing in the Catalina sunshine and strolling among the shops.

* Settle down to an Italian meal at Ristorante Villa Portofino, where reservations will shorten the wait.

* Glass-bottomed boat tours have been a Catalina tradition for almost a hundred years. Take a night ride to see lobsters scuttling along the ocean floor and sharks gliding below. In summer, don't miss another Catalina tradition - a flying fish tour.

Day 3

* Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in an old-fashioned diner at Sally's Waffle Shop, then go for a walk along Pebbly Beach. Watch the scuba divers at Lover's Cove, sit on the beach and listen to the waves, then wander further down the beach for lunch at the Buffalo Nickel.

* Never intended for gambling (the word "casino" actually means "gathering place"), the casino was an architectural marvel of its day and is still an elegant art deco reminder of a bygone era. Take a tour to hear history as interesting as the architecture.

* Pass the time until your boat leaves by sitting on the beach or people-watching.

Catalina Island is 26 miles from Los Angeles. Reserve your transportation and hotel in advance. My favorite hotels are the Inn at Mt. Ada and the Zane Grey. Like a pair of bookends, they sit on opposing hilltops overlooking town. Everything else can be taken care of after you reach the island.

Bring comfortable casual clothing, good walking shoes, your camera and lots of sunscreen. Don't forget swim suits and beach gear if you want to get in the water (you can rent beach chairs on the island). If anyone in your party is susceptible to motion sickness, bring the appropriate remedies. For hiking, bring good hiking shoes and a pack to carry water and snacks.

Santa Barbara Scenery

No. 4 just happens to be in California too it is Santa Barbara

A beautiful town what can I say.

Santa Barbara has a
number of sights that are historically and culturally significant.
They are appropriate for both families and individuals of all ages.

Our city was shaped by
its Spanish past and reflects that in its architecture. There has
been a strong commitment to keeping Santa Barbara beautiful. It
makes this city very easy on the eye!

Laguna Beach California

My No 5 Getaway is also in California it is Laguna Beach, California

It is one of my favorite places to get away to.

I love this place it works on me just like a tonic.

Its always quiet and pictureqsque.

Heres a secret. I have been staying at a great hotel in Laguna
Hills off of El Toro that is Great it is called the Laguna Canyon Hotel I absolutely love it you will too. I then drive
down to Laguna Beach and enjoy the fabulous scenery.

If you want to stay at Laguna Beach they have some fabulous
hotels just book ahead but in case you can't go to the
Laguna Canyon Hotel in Laguna Hills just off El Toro.


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