Reflections of What the Autumn Season Means

Glorious fall colored leaves

Glorious fall colored leaves
Glorious fall colored leaves | Source

Favorite Season of the Year

My favorite season has always been Autumn, although Spring would probably be my next favorite.

That being said...all times of the year have their own unique beauty and there are some advantages to each season of the year.

But in the fall season, Mother Nature pulls out her entire color palette and produces an absolute riot of colors!

Rich oranges to golden yellows to burnt umber's and shades of red arrest one's attention and one would need to be color blind not to notice the resplendent saturation of pigmented colors begging for one's attention.

Decorated cake

Shared anniversary / birthday cake
Shared anniversary / birthday cake | Source

Fall colored leaves

Fall colored leaves
Fall colored leaves | Source

Season of Fall

On one of my mother's and my vacation trips, we purposely planned to see family members up in Iowa and Illinois during the fall season so that in addition to visiting and getting to see our relatives in person, we could also view the beautiful colored autumn leaves that are so resplendent in that part of the country.

We were blessed with a great time on both accounts.

My dear aunt and uncle and my parents had celebrated a double wedding together in the month of October and it was also the month of my mother's birthday. My mother had lost my dad years earlier and never even thought of remarrying because as she said..."No one could ever compare to your dad."

When we drove from Bettendorf, Iowa to Peoria, Illinois to see my cousins for one of those vacation days, they had very nicely arranged to celebrate both occasions at the same time topped off with this nicely decorated cake. Thanks again Tom and Judi for that thoughtful gesture as well as the lovely accompanying meal that day.

The fall colors on top of the cake nicely matched what we were getting to view outdoors by way of the vibrantly tinged leaves and flowers that were gracing the landscapes at that time of year.

Mask made of parrot feathers

My cousin Bill saves feathers that are shed from his parrot and created this mask.  Enjoyed the visit to his home in Illinois as well!
My cousin Bill saves feathers that are shed from his parrot and created this mask. Enjoyed the visit to his home in Illinois as well! | Source

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves | Source

Autumn Colors

Back in Bettendorf one day, we were taken for a drive by my uncle who wished for us to see more of the spectacular autumn leaves. Our timing was perfect as they were at a peak of loveliness.

Not only in their yard and garden, but everywhere we drove the wooded areas were ablaze with vibrant colors. The days were cool and crisp and the skies above bright and sunny. Mother Nature had pulled out all of the stops on these fine Fall days to show us some of the best that she could offer.

Naturally I was happily snapping photographs...and around each bend of the scene after another seemed to beckon for attention. While my aunt and mother were happily chatting, my uncle patiently stopped the car over and over again pausing long enough for me to get "just one more picture."

I remain grateful for that day of show stopping scenery from Mother Nature, and the memories of that vacation spent with my aunt and uncle and cousins still warms my heart.

Part of the country where my mother and I were visiting on this vacation trip.

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Bettendorf, IA, USA
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Peoria, IL, USA
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More Autumn Leaves

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Look at that tree!
Look at that tree!
Look at that tree! | Source

Apple trees laden with fruit.

Apple trees laden with fruit.
Apple trees laden with fruit. | Source

Harvest Time

My uncle's garden produce was coming to a close for the year because of the cooling temperatures and before long their basement would be loaded with green tomatoes picked before a freeze would damage them if left on the vine. Most would gradually ripen on the newspapers they had spread out on their basement flooring.

My uncle loves to garden and regularly grows vegetables to supply not only their needs, but also those of their grown kids when they visit from Illinois and Wisconsin. If the time of year is right, they can always count on returning home with garden produce. He also shares the bounty with neighbors and friends.

The apple trees in their backyard were heavily laden with fruit on the year of our visit and we returned home with bags and boxes filled with that luscious much, in fact, that our first order of business was to make some homemade applesauce.

Ah yes...the fall season is bountiful in so many ways!

My uncle, mother & aunt standing by a fall decoration.

My uncle, mother & aunt standing by a fall decoration.
My uncle, mother & aunt standing by a fall decoration. | Source

End of Summer

When one approaches the end of summer, one is rewarded with not only cooling temperatures in our part of the world, but also an abundance of a typical fall flower...the chrysanthemum...also simply known as mum plants.

Some well known gardens such as Bellingrath Gardens in Alabama, feature vast amounts of blooming mums in the fall season as does the seasonally decorated dome at Mitchell Park Garden Domes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Next door to my aunt and uncle's home in Iowa is a nice mixture of those fall flowers as can be seen in the photo below.

My mother, uncle and aunt with mum plants in foreground

My mother, uncle and aunt with mum plants in foreground
My mother, uncle and aunt with mum plants in foreground | Source


In the cooling temperatures of the fall season, depending upon where one lives and just how cold it gets , fireplaces can once again be enjoyed. Obviously the timing is earlier the further north one lives as compared to those of us living in the south such as we do in Houston, Texas.

Getting to wear the cashmere sweaters and other seasonal fall clothing is once again enjoyed.

Crackling fire in the fireplace

Crackling fire in the fireplace
Crackling fire in the fireplace | Source

A food recipe to warm you up on the inside...

Savory stews

If one has put away the crock pot or other useful cooking utensils and has shunned the use of ovens in favor of outdoor grilling, the fall season gives us more reason to start spending a bit more time indoors.

The cooler temperatures make one think of warm hearty soups and perhaps making some savory stews to warm the body and soul.

Autumn Leaves - Ferrante and Teicher

Pumpkin carving


Holiday Gatherings

This is the time of year that one also starts looking forward to more holiday gatherings with family and friends.

The month of October brings on thoughts of the carving of pumpkins and Halloween which is soon followed by Thanksgiving gatherings in November and Christmas festivities in December for many folks.

It can be a stressful time of year, but also fun if the purpose of savoring the time with family and friends is the prime focus which, of course, it should be.

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Reflections of Autumn

Obviously so much more could be said about this wonderful time of year. Thinking about walking in the woods on a soft layer of just fallen leaves or watching squirrels bury their cache of acorns or looking up in the sky at migrating birds heading south for the winter...this and more brings back thoughts of autumn.

What besides the already mentioned harvest time, warm colors, fireplaces and hearty and savory stews makes you think of autumn? Please leave comments below if you also like this time of year and have other thoughts and memories. Thanks!


Apples | Source

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Robert Sacchi 10 days ago

I had one at McDonalds, I liked it. Yes, we tend to find things eventually :-)

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Peggy W 10 days ago from Houston, Texas Author

Hi Robert,

I have seen ads for the pumpkin lattes. Can't say that I have ever had one but they are probably good. As to that item you need but cannot find...hopefully it is not too important! Ha!

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Robert Sacchi 12 days ago

They are already selling pumpkin lattes at McDonalds. Yes, it could be a case of the items in the store are there for so long it's easy to forget the date. Like that item in the house that's always around yet I can't seem to find it on the rare occassion I need it.

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Hi Robert,

Christmas items are often co-mingled with Halloween items in the stores these I understand. Ha!

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Yes, I understand what you are saying about Texas weather. After Halloween I seem to be behind the power curve. I end up asking "why am I not ready for Christmas?"

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