Religious Singles Cruises

If you’re tired of the same old methods for meeting other singles, you may want to consider singles cruises as a new and exciting love adventure. There are singles cruises for seniors, singles cruises for single parents and there are even singles cruises for people of a specific religion, if you’d prefer to date someone who shares your particular faith, values and principles. Some of these cruises are open to families and solo travelers alike, but if you’re really looking to meet the person of your dreams, be sure you’re signing on for a singles cruise, as you might have a hard time seeking them out otherwise.

Jewish singles cruises offer a variety of travel possibilities combined with high-end kosher dining, exotic destinations, proper pampering the form of spa treatments and other services, casinos, entertainment, speaking engagements and more. You’ll meet other Jewish singles who are looking to have a wonderful holiday whilst looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, and you might just find them, given that marriages have been known to occur as a result!

Christian singles cruises are highly popular as well. Not only will you be a pampered guest with excellent dining and recreation options (including concerts!), you’ll also have loads of opportunities to participate in bible study, worship, and meet likeminded Christian singles who want to make a lasting love connection. Note that Christian singles cruises are not often geared toward a specific Christian denomination and you will meet Christians from all faiths. That said, if you’re Catholic, there are singles cruises geared toward your exact faith and you may prefer partaking in one of those – they even offer things like daily mass, rosary and confession.

If you’re neither Christian nor Jewish but consider yourself highly spiritual and in search of a likeminded soul, you may want to consider a New Age themed cruise. Unfortunately, singles cruises of this nature aren’t quite so common, but there are New Age cruises throughout the year and you never know, you may just find that special someone is traveling solo just as you are.

At this time, I’m unaware of Muslim singles cruises, Buddhist singles cruises or other singles cruises based on a particular faith. If you’ve got information on such a cruise, please feel free to email me and relevant information and I will revise this article if the information is pertinent to faith-based singles cruises.

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almasi profile image

almasi 5 years ago

What an original idea. Thanks.

abhay 6 years ago

Hi this is abhay and I am very happy because we friends are singles yet now.....

advisor4qb profile image

advisor4qb 7 years ago from On New Footing

Wow. I would love to go on a cruise. You've got me thinking about cruises!

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