Renting a Car in Mexico

Renting a Car in Mexico

Mexico has so much to see and do, and while it has a great transport system it is not always so easy to visit the wonderful unique and off the beaten track places. This is the beauty of renting a car. Quick safe and easy, renting a car in Mexico will enhance your holiday to no end.

To get a real feel for Mexico and truly be independent on your travels throughout you can not go past hiring a rental car in Mexico. Take advantage of following the hand-painted signs to hidden waterfalls and Cenotes, stop in small villages for delicious authentic lunches, visit archeological sites, shop at road side stalls for souvenirs such as hammocks and pottery or test out the waters and surf breaks along the coastal roads. There is simply no better way to get around.

Don't waste you precious travel time waiting on buses that will only take you to set places, and run on set schedules, travel on your own time, don't be constrained by timetables.

Renting a car in Mexico is a very straight forward easy process as you would find renting in any country. All the big rental firms are represented, Avis, Budget, Euro-car etc, so you can be assured of dealing with a reputable company.

Most rental car companies in Mexico can be found at and around the major airports, easy and convenient. With so many all grouped together in one place this will allow you to check and compare prices and car ranges.

Insurance rules in Mexico may be somewhat different to what you are used to, but it pays to take our all necessary policies to protect yourself should any accidents occur.

Carefully inspect the car you receive and be sure to have any damages and wear noted down on the vehicle form before you take it away.

When driving a rental car in Mexico again, this may be a bit different from what you are used to especially in inner city areas. Traffic flows very fast and cars zip in and out of lanes with little indication. You need to be very alert and also reasonably aggressive in your own lane changing. Don't wait for someone to let you in, this may not happen! Road signs are very good in Mexico, so while a map is very helpful be sure to keep an eye on major road signs.

There are both Toll (Quota) and free (Libre) roads in Mexico. The toll roads are very good, very straight and wide, but also they are quite expensive to travel on. They are much faster than the free roads so if you have long drives to make, they are worth the expense. The free roads are own a bit more worn and potholed, and you can often get stuck behind trucks or old cars and slow traffic. With generally one lane and sometimes windy roads, you need to be patient with your driving.

Like any country you travel in when leaving your car parked up over night, take out all valuable and ensure it is securely locked up. Many hotels and Posadas will have parking available, or you can park in parking areas which is much safer and secure, even if does cost a bit extra.

A final great advantage of having a rental car in Mexico, is it saves you being confined to a suitcase or pack. You can travel in comfort know you can just throw things in the car. Also all the great Mexican hammocks, crafts, clothes, books, blankets, and more you have bought on your travel, are so much easy to travel with when you can pack them into the car. You may just need to buy another bag for your journey home though when you come to repack and realize how much you have purchased!

So on your next trip to Mexico take full advantage of this wonderful and varied country by really exploring it with a rental car.


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