Retiring in Cyprus

One of the most popular countries for those who live in the UK or other Northern European countries  to retire to is Cyprus. It has many attractions including a pleasant, warm climate, an easy going lifestyle and modern infrastructure. With a very low crime rate, lower in fact than nearly every other EU country, it is a safe place to live. A big concern for retirees is the availability of good medical services. Cyprus has many private doctors and specialists easily available and if you prefer to use the government hospitals you can be assured they are of high quality and reasonably priced.

A warm climate and low living costs are big attractions for those who wish  to retire to Cyprus but it has many other advantages. The banking system and legal system are derived from the UK systems so, as a result will be easy to use for those from the UK. It will be easy, therefore, to adapt to the systems in Cyprus. For those in the UK receiving a pension there are good tax incentives.

Nearly all Cypriots speak English, usually extremely proficiently, consequently you won't have communication problems. The modern infrastructure has all the facilities you are familiar with in the UK. Plentiful, local fruit and vegetables are easy to find and overall the relaxed, easy going lifestyle in a warm climate, with low humidity is very good for the health. This may be particularly important for those who suffer from rheumatism or any other conditions that worsen in the damp and cold winters.

Retiring to Cyprus - Procedures for UK Citizens

Paperwork needs to be filled out and submitted in order to apply for and become a permanent Cyprus resident. The first step is to apply for a residence permit at the Migration Department of Cyprus. An M67 form, obtainable in Cyprus from an immigration office locally needs to be submitted. If you are retiring you will need the category F. Evidence is needed that you can support yourself and any dependents. This may be income from investments or a pension,

Being approved as a category F immigrant means you cannot work, even unpaid, or operate a business so you will need to have adequate assets to maintain yourself. pensions from the UK can be directly paid into an account in Cyprus will be index linked so you will receive any pension increases as if you were still resident in the UK.


Cyprus has proved to be popular to retire to for those from Northern Europe and the UK. The lifestyle is familiar, although more relaxed, and the transition is relatively trouble free. If you are thinking of a retirement home in the sun, consider Cyprus as an almost perfect place to spend a relaxed, stress free retirement.

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