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Retreat Hill Winery

Retreat Hill Winery
Retreat Hill Winery | Source

Bluebonnets and wine tasting...

This last Spring my husband and I ventured out from our home in Houston, Texas as we do each year by automobile.

Our primary mission was to soak up the ambiance furnished by the springtime Texas temperatures while enjoying the profusion of wildflowers gracing the roadsides. Bluebonnets and many other wildflowers are in abundance and the newspapers keep us apprised of when they are approaching their peak blooming time.

This last year we decided to also explore some of the nearby Texas wineries that were open for the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail and Retreat Hill Winery was on the list of places to experience.

Thus our mission took on an extra flavor of discovery.

Countryside around Retreat Hill Winery

Surrounding countryside
Surrounding countryside | Source

Retreat Hill Winery sign


Retreat Hill Winery

The address of Retreat Hill Winery is 15551 FM 362, Navasota, Texas 77868. Their telephone number is 936-449-5285.

Conveniently open from 11 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays and Noon to 5 PM on Sundays (and other times by appointment) this winery is tucked away into the gently rolling countryside.

The people that worked there appeared to us as though they were all the best of friends and had probably worked together at Retreat Hill Winery for years. Whether that was in fact the case, it was our impression from all the jovial banter back and forth between them.

For the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, once we showed them our tickets, we were ushered outside under a covered patio and were given some tasty morsels of food to accompany the wines that they were sampling that day.

A very friendly college student was there to serve us and answer any questions that we had about the wines.

A Texas friendly atmosphere prevailed and the picture above and to the right shows the typical Texas country farewell posted by a sign as we left the Retreat Hill property.

Retreat Hill Winery

Retreat Hill Winery
Retreat Hill Winery | Source

Retreat Hill Winery


Billy Cox

While we did not happen to see the owner and winemaker of Retreat Hill Winery on the day of our visit, Billy Cox is very involved as a director of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association and he is also takes an active role in the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail.

Map where Retreat Hill Winery is located

A markerRetreat Hill Winery -
15551 Farm-To-Market Road 362, Navasota, TX 77868, USA
[get directions]

Countryside around Retreat Hill Winery

Surrounding countryside
Surrounding countryside | Source

Vineyards, Wineries and Wine

Growing grapes as a crop is an agricultural business and farming the land, trimming the vines, keeping the grapes pest free, and a myriad of other activities dictated by the season and weather keeps grape growers busy just like any other type of farming.

Knowing exactly when to harvest the grapes to get the peak of flavor and other desirable components from the fruit takes knowledge and then turning those grapes into good wine is an art form orchestrated by the seasoned winemaker.

There are many steps taken in between the newly harvested grapes to the final product of what the consumer sees and gets to enjoy in each bottle of wine. Much of this step by step process is the same from winery to winery but the final product depends upon decisions made by the winemaker and, of course, Mother Nature.

Once bottled, the wine continues to evolve. It is a living and breathing thing! Some wines are meant to be aged and continue to improve over the years while others are purposely meant to be drunk soon after purchase. It is fun learning about different types of wine and broadening one's wine experiences.

Countryside around Retreat Hill Winery

Surrounding countryside
Surrounding countryside | Source

Farmland and surrounding countryside

In addition to passing glorious fields of wildflowers on our sojourn into the countryside looking for Retreat Hill Winery and other wineries on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine trail, we passed numerous fields that were plowed and planted with various crops.

Cattle were grazing in many of the pastures and my husband and I spotted animals such as horses and goats as shown in these accompanying pictures.

The weather was bright and sunny and couldn't have been better had we special ordered it for our daytrip out of the city.

Wildflowers in cemetery near Retreat Hill Winery

Masses of wildflowers drew our attention to noticing this little country cemetery.
Masses of wildflowers drew our attention to noticing this little country cemetery. | Source

Texas wildflowers



Not far from Retreat Hill Winery is a small cemetery.

What drew our attention was the carpeting of wildflowers that adorned this final resting spot for people who had passed from this life to the next.

Armed with camera in hand, my husband graciously agreed to stop and let me take some extra photos.

I did not see a sign which would have let us know the name of this little country cemetery. However it is on FM 362 off 105 for those who wish to find it.

While the gravestones were not large and grand, the setting with some old moss laden trees and the blanketing of wildflowers surely presented a beautiful picture.

Texas wildflowers

Wildflowers blooming in a nearby cemetery
Wildflowers blooming in a nearby cemetery | Source

If you happen to be visiting Retreat Hill Winery in the Spring of the year, they can probably point you in the right direction if you wish to visit this little cemetery. It is a serene setting made even prettier with the splash of Texas Wildflowers.

Texas wildflowers


Retreat Hill Winery part of the Bluebonnet Wine Trail

Second Winery location!

Since the time of our visit to Retreat Hill Winery in Navasota, there is now an expanded second location called Retreat Hill Cellars in downtown Montgomery, Texas.

When my husband and I visited Cork This! Winery in Montgomery, Texas we had noticed the old and historic First State Bank building and even photographed it. Built in 1906 and located at 14343 Liberty Street ( SH 149 just one block north of SH 105) this is now the new home of Retreat Hill Cellars.

With two wineries in this small and historic town filled with other attractions (such as stores filled with antiques) Montgomery, Texas will now provide people with even more reasons to visit.

Texas wildflowers

Photo of tiny wildflowers in that nearby cemetery
Photo of tiny wildflowers in that nearby cemetery | Source

Location of Retreat Hill Cellars

A markerRetreat Hill Cellars -
14343 Liberty St, Montgomery, TX 77356, USA
[get directions]

Texas Bluebonnets

We enjoyed our visit to Retreat Hill Winery and since these pictures were taken on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, I will leave you with a final picture of some bluebonnets. Cheers!


Bluebonnets | Source

Have you visited Retreat Hill Winery or the new Retreat Hill Cellars?

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Bluebonnet Wine Trail and the Wineries

© 2010 Peggy Woods

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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 2 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Hi Au fait,

The countryside is pretty whether or not you are into tasting different Texas wines or not. Appreciate your votes, share and pin.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 2 years ago from North Texas

Not much of a wine tasting person, but I do love your photos as always, and all the great information you always include in your articles. I'm thinking a lot of people would enjoy a weekend trip in the spring here in Texas as you described above. Pinned to my 'Blue II' board, voted up, BAUI, and sharing with my followers.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 5 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Hello billyaustindillon,

Finding Retreat Hill Winery while on the Texas Bluebonnet wine trail was fun and visiting their new location in that historic bank building will also be fun. Another trip...another time! Glad that you liked the pictures. It is always so pretty in the Spring of the year!

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 5 years ago

I do enjoy the hill country and have done the blue bonnet trail a few times - as always great photos depicting the natural beauty. I am not familiar with Retreat Hill Winery but will be sure to check it out next hill country trip.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 5 years ago from Houston, Texas Author

Hi Celesta,

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment on this Retreat Hill Winery...part of the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail that takes place each Spring. Appreciate it.

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