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You can be forgiven for thinking that Rick Stein restaurants in Padstow are on every street, because this celebrity chef certainly owns a lot of businesses and shops in Padstow - and with four restaurants in Padstow, including his famous Fish & Chip shop, you can see how Rick Stein has dominated food and eating in the tiny fishing village of Padstow in North Cornwall.

The first Rick Stein restaurant in Padstow was opened in 1974 - and since 1984 Rick Stein has been winning awards for his food, his cooking - and his restaurants. 

As a celebrity chef, Rick Stein is well known for going out on local fishing boats, with local fishermen, to catch seafood, accompanied by his small dog Chalky (now sadly deceased), before returning to his restaurant to deliver the recipe fresh on camera.

Rick Stein has restaurants in Australia too, but Padstow is where he became famous - Padstow is the starting point of Rick Stein Celebrity Chef - and even though he doesn't have his primary residence there any longer (living in Australia now), he's still heavily involved in the local area and maintains all his restaurants and businesses there to this day, where his ex-wife is still his business partner.

Rick Stein Restaurants in Padstow include:

  • The Rick Stein Seafood Restaurant
  • St Petroc's Bistro
  • Rick Stein's Cafe
  • Rick Stein's Fish & Chip Shop

Restaurants and Food in Padstow

Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant

This is probably the most famous of Rick Stein businesses in Padstow. Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant is in a prominent position overlooking Padstow Harbour - as well as being featured in many of his TV show. A lot of Rick Stein recipes are filmed being made in the Rick Stein Seafood Restaurant.

If you want to dine at Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant, you'll have to plan far in advance as bookings are often full months in advance (especially at peak or celebratory times such as July/August, Valentine's Day or Xmas).

If you haven't booked, but still want the whole Rick Stein Experience as part of your holiday, then there's a Seafood Bar in the Seafood Restaurant that requires no booking - under 18s aren't allowed to sit at the bar though. Rick Stein's Seafood Bar is available the same hours as the main Restaurant.

As small as it looks, the Seafood Restaurant is responsible for employing nearly 300 people! I'm guessing a lot of those will be involved in managing the Rick Stein empire, PR, publicity, marketing, branding ... and not just in the kitchens and service areas. Employing 300 people in Cornwall would make this one of the top employers in the county... although I don't know how many are employed locally - and how many are based in more media-centric cities such as London.

James Nathan, the ex-barrister winner of MasterChef in 2008 is employed by Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant (2010).  You might also have seen James on Market Kitche, The Alan Titchmarsh Show or GMTV.

Opening Hours:

Open every day for lunch and evening meals. Lunch is from 12pm-2.30pm, dinner is from 6.30pm to 10pm.

Expect to Pay:

You can expect to pay about £35 for a 3-course lunch in the Seafood Restaurant. You can expect to pay about £16 for a 2-course meal from the Children's Menu, which is a mini version of the adult menu (not a burger or chicken nugget in sight!)

St Petroc's Bistro

St Petroc's Bistro is up one of the side roads, so you won't walk past it as you amble around the centre of Padstow, you'll have to go looking for it.

There is a small courtyard and garden, so you can enjoy al fresco dining - complete with parasols and space heaters, which are necessary for a lot of the months in England.

If you're choosing to dine from the Grill Menu, then expect a treat of 28-day dry-aged Aberdeen Angus beef and Charolais cross.  The most expensive item on the menu will set you back just under £42, which is a 16oz beast!

Opening Times:

Lunch: 12pm-2pm
Dinner: 6.30pm-9.30pm

Expect to Pay:

You can expect to pay about £7 for a first course, £16 for a main course, £17-40 for food from the Grill (aged Angus steak), just under £3 for a side dish and £6 for a dessert. There's a children's menu, costing £6-8 for a main course and £4-5 for a simple dessert of ice cream or fruit with ice cream.

Rick Stein's Fish & Chips Restaurant

It was glaringly obvious that with the ever-growing popularity of both Padstow and Rick Stein's cooking, that the Great British public would need a Rick Stein's Fish & Chip shop at some point - and so the first Rick Stein's Fish & Chips shop was opened in Padstow in

It's a little out of the way, so many visitors will miss it entirely - Rick Stein's Fish & Chip shop isn't in the town centre, but is to one edge, on South Quay, near to the start of the Camel Train and the Lobster Hatchery, alongside the two main car parks.

Down on South Quay you'll find three Rick Stein businesses, under the same roof. There's a Fish & Chip Restaurant, a Fish & Chip Takeaway and a Hot Food Takeaway serving hot drinks, pastries and baps.

Opening Times (Restaurant):

Lunch: 12pm-2.30pm
Dinner: 5pm-9pm

Expect to Pay:

If you're dining in at Rick Stein's Fish & Chips Restaurant, then you can expect to pay from £8 for a piece of battered cod to just over £12 for monkfish. The fish served is fresh and not suitable for vegetarians as the batter is fried in beef dripping to get that crispy finish - these prices include a portion of chips and the seemingly obligatory wedge of lemon and some random parsley!

For Veggies: Fish is also available fried in vegetable oil, but you're limited to goujons, scampi, fishcakes and locally caught squid.Prices range from £8-£13.

For True Veggies: Not a bit of fish in sight, if you choose the felafel at £8.

Additionally, there's grilled fish available and a children's menu (cod chunks and chips will set you back £6). You can also choose favourites such as a bread roll, mushy peas, curry sauce or just a portion of chips (£2) to accompany your meal.

And when you've finished that, there's a small, but adequate, desserts menu in the £2-4 price range.

Rick Stein's Fish & Chips & Takeaway

Alongside the formal Fish & Chips Restaurant in Padstow, you'll find a traditional Fish & Chip Shop and a Hot Food Takeaway.

The hot food takeaway is open for just one hour per day, from 10am-11am, and serves breakfast-style food of hot drinks, croissants/pastries and sausage/bacon/egg baps.

The fish & chip takeaway is open twice a day. 

When it first opened, the prices seemed a little steep, but in many cases now it's not that much more expensive than many other chip shops in Cornwall. 

Opening Times (Takeaway)

Lunch: 12pm-3pm
Dinner: 5pm-9pm

Opening Times (Hot Food/Breakfast)

Open seven days a week from 10am-11am for breakfast, serving hot drinks, croissants, danish pastries - and a hot bap containing bacon, sausage and egg. 

Expect to Pay:

For the fish & chips takeaway, you can expect to pay under £7 for cod and chips; chip butties are £2 and a side order of mushy peas is under £1.

Photo by: http://www.heatheronhertravels.com/
Photo by: http://www.heatheronhertravels.com/

Rick Stein's Cafe

The cafe is open all day, but additionally has three 'meal time slots' covering breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Serving typical cafe fayre, you can enjoy hot drinks, cakes or even a light lunch or full evening dinner. While the cafe prices are in line with most stylish cafes, for dinner you can expect to pay £7-8 for a starter, £11-17 for a main meal, side orders at just under £3 and a selection of desserts for under £5. There's also a set price of three courses for just under £22 (with an extra £5 charged for a steak).

The breakfast menu ranges from about £3 for beans on toast to £7.50 for a special mushroom and parmesan omelette. There's the usual range of breads, bacon and kippers, or you might like to experience something entirely different with a dish of Mexican tortillas with fried eggs and tomato chilli sauce. A glass of freshly squeezed juice will get you change from £3.

Opening Times:

All Day, but specific focus for the following:

Breakfast: 8am-10am
Lunch: 12pm-3pm
Dinner: 6pm-9.30pm

Expect to Pay:

Anywhere from £3 for beans on toast at breakfast time, to £17 for a large rib-eye steak with chips and watercress for dinner. The most expensive meal here is £27 for a set 3-course meal with steak as the main course.

Rick Stein Restaurants in Padstow

show route and directions
A markerSeafood Restaurant -
Riverside, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8BY
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B markerSt Petroc's Bistro -
4 New Street, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8EA, UK
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C markerStein's Fish & Chips -
South Quay, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8BL, UK
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D markerRick Stein's Cafe -
10 Middle Street, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8AP, UK
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