Rob Roy

Rob Roy is a celebrated Scottish outlaw. Born Robert MacGregor, at Buchanan parish, Loch Lomond, Scotland, March 7, 1671. Died Balquhidder, Scotland, December 28, 1734. When the Stuart King James II was deposed in 1688, he granted Rob Roy, a Scottish cattle raiser, a commission to act as a freebooter against all who were not his supporters. Rob Roy took to raiding neighboring farms, often profiting by selling back stolen cattle to their original owners. In 1693 he was made chief of the MacGregor clan. In 1712, unable to repay a loan from the Duke of Montrose, Rob Roy was outlawed and escaped to the Highlands with a band of clansmen. In 1715 the Stuarts were finally defeated in their battle for England's throne. However, Rob Roy continued to rob and to extort goods and money, particularly from the Duke of Montrose. In 1722, Rob Roy surrendered. He was pardoned after serving five years in Newgate prison.

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