San Jose Auto Recycling


San Jose auto recycling helps keep junk cars off the streets of San Jose and helps the environment. There are several ways to recycle your car in this Northern California city.


Many charities in the San Jose area will take your old car for free. They then sell the car to someone who wants to fix it or to a junk yard. The money from the sale funds the charity that completed all the leg work for the transaction. Car Donations for Kids is one such charity operating in San Jose.


Some San Jose auto dealers specialize in old or junk cars. They recycle your car by piecing out or selling the parts or they repair the car so that is back on the road again. If you want to recycle your car make sure you know the dealer's intent before you purchase.


You can recycle your old car at some San Jose car dealerships by trading the car for parts or another car. Though your old or junk car may not be worth much, it will stay out of the landfills if the car or parts from the car is sold to another buyer.

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