Save While Traveling: La Quinta Inn Airport Hotels Provide Amenities at Low Price

La Quinta Inn Airport Hotels provide travelers many free perks during current recession

One hotel chain that has shown strong growth during this difficult economy has been La Quinta Inn. And why not. I walk into any La Quinta Inn and I'm always glad to see a well kept property that provides the cost conscious traveler a spacious room with a comfortable bed, a large workspace, free internet access, free local calls, free breakfast and all under an efficient, friendly and unpretentious style at an affordable price. I've always wondered at hotels that charged for internet access and didn't provide at least a muffin and coffee in the morning, and these tend to be the expensive hotels with the higher number of stars. I get tired of having to tip practically everybody at the "better" establishments and guilty if I don't because I know that the tip is part of their salary. I'm so glad La Quinta exists.

Now, when I go into a La Quinta, I'm not expecting 500-thread Egyptian cotton sheets, the lush bathrobe and the sleek euro decor. I appreciate the hotel for the value it provides me and it seems to do a much better job than Ramada in catering to the budget traveler. La Quinta's breakfast buffet offers make-your-own hot waffles and juice(!) in addition to the normal breakfast fare.

For the business traveler operating under more restrictive budgets in this down economy, La Quinta Inn and La Quinta Inns and Suites Airport Hotels are a specially good deal. Instead of having meetings downtown, meetings are held at the less expensive airport hotel where out-of-town colleagues can use the free shuttle to arrive and depart from the hotel and make their flight while their resident counterpart can take advantage of the free parking that the hotel provides. An overnight stay and service fees at the airport hotel gives the company savings anywhere from 10% to 30% from a similar establishment at a downtown location. 

Free Bright Side Breakfast
Free Bright Side Breakfast

La Quinta outperforms hotel industry

La Quinta Inn's growth derives from the loyalty that the hotel has fostered with the business traveler. From the beginning, La Quinta has focused on the road weary salesman as their niche market. The hotel chain promised a clean, comfortable large bed in a large room with plenty of space to work. As their core customer has demanded more amenities, the company has met these demands. The business traveler not only looked to stay at La Quinta during business trips but wanted to stay at La Quinta for their leisure trips with their family; La Quinta Inns and Suites caters to this market by offering large swimming pools, fitness centers, spacious lobbies, landscaped courtyards, no extra fee for children staying in their parents' rooms, and pets are welcome! It has focused on minimizing expenses without sacrificing amenities by choosing to buy existing property or build property near airports and areas near a major city or a part of the city that is adjacent to downtown.  The chain eventually encompassed more than 700 hotels in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Currently it is the top franchise organization in the hotel industry.

With the trend towards more eco-conscious living, the chain has responded with their own "green strategy". The hotel has implemented a guest-driven Linen Reuse Program, energy efficient lighting, use of Energy Star-rated products, and a modern Energy Management System. These measures have given La Quinta the leadership role in promoting green strategies in the hotel industry

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