Scotland home of fine Malt Whisky &

Malt Whisky & Jimmy the Jock

It is a disputed but proven fact that the best Malt Whisky is derived from Scotland. Another undisputed fact is we have Jimmy the Jock here on Hubpages.Jimmy the Jock has been on hubpages around the time I started.  He has been a prolific particpant on Hubpages & I wish him well.

Single malt whisky is a whisky made from only one type of malted grain and distilled at one particular distillery. Single malts are traditionally made from barley cultivated near the distillery concerned, although there are some single malt rye whiskies. Most single malt whiskies are distilled using a pot still. Single malts are globally associated with Scotland, though they are produced elsewhere, notably in Ireland and Japan. the production of whisky from malted barley is first mentioned in Scotland in an entry on the 1494 Exchequer Rolls

There are so many different brand labels of single malt whisky to choose from. Any reputable bottle shop or off-licence will set you straight with a different range and prices. Price are quality is generally determined by age and or brand.  Take for instance Johnny Walker you can purchase red label black label 12 years older blue label 24 years old.  This means it has been left to ferment for 24 years.

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