Serbia Should Reconsider Joining European Union

Serbia Should Not Join European Union

Butcher of Bosnia Arrested At Last

Ratko Mladic, Butcher of Bosnia Arrested At Last
Ratko Mladic, Butcher of Bosnia Arrested At Last | Source

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Serbia Is Being Infested With Afghan Men

Serbia Was Responsible For the First World War

Serbia was an important nation in the beginning of twentieth century. In fact Serbia was responsible for the outbreak of the First World War at a time when the Austro Hungarian Empire ruled the roost. Prince Ferdinand Philip was assassinated when he visited Serbia and Austria declared war on Serbia. This triggered the participation of the major powers Britain, France and Germany which led to the First World War in 1914 which lasted for five years and ended in 1919 with the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles.

Protest against Asylum Seekers

Serbia is again in the news now. A Serbian border town Banja Koviljaca with around 6000 people, situated on the banks of the river Drina between Serbia and Bosnia is protesting at the wave of asylum seekers landing. Around 2500 immigrants have already landed there. There are only two asylum centres in Serbia with a total capacity of 80 beds. Definitely it is not sufficient to handle thousands of asylum seekers. In fact, these asylum seekers wanted to migrate to Western Europe and not settle in Serbia. But they were stopped by the police and sent to the asylum centres in Serbia.

Serbia Is Being Infested With Afghan Men

It is reported that there were several Afghan men among the asylum seekers. Their precise number is not known. Some Afghan men are being accused of robbing a British woman of her honour in the Serbian town recently. Serbian people are very angry that their country is being infested with these Afghan men.

Afghan Talibans Commit Crimes In The Name Of Islam

These Afghan hooligans are capable of changing the entire culture of Serbia with their criminal activities. In Afghanistan, the culture is entirely different and uncivilized. In the name of defending Islam and Prophet Mohammad, the Afghan Talibans indulge in several criminal activities like robbing, looting, kidnapping, demanding ransom, beheading, torturing, and crimes against women. These rogues are also against girls being educated. They think that it is a sin against Islam to provide education and knowledge to girls. They feel that Prophet Mohammad had clearly stated not to provide education to girls as that would be a blasphemy against Islam and Holy Koran. Therefore they have killed many girls in Afghanistan and neighbouring Pakistan for attending schools. They will do the same thing in Serbia also. Crimes will start increasing in Serbia in the name of Islam. It will be better for the Serbian government to act immediately and deport all these asylum seekers. Prolonging their stay will only lead to trouble. If they are granted asylum in Serbia, then Serbia will have to face and deal with many crimes.

Butcher of Bosnia Arrested At Last

It is not that without these Afghan hooligans there are no criminals or criminal acts in Serbia. Recently the police have arrested Ratko Mladic, who was called as ‘the butcher of Bosnia’. The arrest was made in Serbia. Ratko Mladic was the chief of the Bosnian Serb army. His crimes were not international ones like that of Osama bin Laden. But he is accused of slaughtering around 7500 Bosnian Muslim boys and men in Srebernica in 1995. An international court was set up in Hague, Netherlands for probing into the crimes committed during the Yugoslav wars of the nineties. This court indicted Ratko Mladic of committing this heinous crime. Ratko Mladic had evaded arrest since 1995.

European Union Membership Denied To Serbia

European Union Membership Denied To Serbia
European Union Membership Denied To Serbia | Source

Serbia Should Not Join European Union

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Serbia Should Not Join European Union

Serbia Should Reconsider Joining European Union

European Union Membership Denied To Serbia

The former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic helped him a great deal to hide inside Serbia. Even the ousting of Slobadan Milosevic did not help in arresting Ratko Mladic. Serbia was compelled to make the arrest because of the pressure exercised by the European Union to grant a membership to it. Out of the several breakaway factions from the erstwhile Yugoslavia, Slovenia secured the European Union membership way back in 2004. Other countries like Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro are on verge of being admitted into the European Union. Serbia too applied for the European Union membership in 2009 after arresting the Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic in 2008. But its application for European Union membership is pending because it had failed to arrest Ratko Mladic.

Kosovo Problem Remains

Now Serbia has arrested Ratko Mladic. Will it be admitted into the European Union now? It is still doubtful because of the unresolved Kosovo problem. There are many Serbian criminals still hiding in Kosovo, eluding arrest. In the meanwhile Ratko Mladic has denied any role in the 1995 massacre of 7500 Muslims in Bosnia. After evading arrest for over sixteen years, Ratko Mladic is now kept in a Serbian jail. He is 69 years old.

Turkey Is Prosperous Without Joining European Union

Serbia is doing all these things not with the intention of punishing the guilty. It has to do this in order to secure admission into the European Union. But Serbia should reconsider entry into the European Union. European Union denied membership to Turkey. Turkey was pleading, cringing and begging before the European Union for admitting it into its fold. But European Union did not yield. European Union was reluctant to admit Turkey as it was an Islamic country. After fighting for membership for several decades, Turkey decided to independently chart out its course. It aimed to capture the markets of other Islamic and Asian nations and cultivated friendship with them.

European Union Itself Is In Debt Crisis

This policy paid rich dividends to Turkey. Today Turkey is a prosperous country whereas European Union is languishing in debt crisis. Many European Union nations like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy are in trouble. The debt burden of Italy is much more than the combined debt of Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain. Even the supposedly strong nations like Germany, France and Britain are facing trouble. Britain is facing the possibility of economic recession. The credit ratings of many European Union nations, their banks and financial institutions have been lowered by rating agencies like Moody’s and S&P.

Serbia Should Not Join European Union

Under the circumstances, Serbia should reconsider its decision to join European Union. Turkey did a good thing in reconsidering its strategy. Today Turkey is definitely better off than the European Union. In fact Turkey is in a strong position to assist the European Union to solve its debt crisis. Even if the European Union admits Turkey into its fold, Turkey is not willing to join it anymore. Serbia should examine what benefits the other Yugoslav breakdown country Slovenia has received after joining the European Union. European Union is an empty house now. Its own people and governments are begging before the international community and financial institutions like the World Bank and IMF. IMF is not able to bail out the European Union as IMF itself is in sick bed.

Killing Innocent Muslims Is Not Justified

Considering all these things, Serbia should revise its stand on getting admitted into the empty European Union. But at the same time, Serbia should not harbour any criminals on its soil. It is true that many Islamic organisations and governments are taking up terrorism and killing innocent people. But that does not justify slaughtering innocent Muslim community. The perpetrators of this heinous crime should be brought to books and punished. Serbia should realise that by harbouring criminals, it stands to gain nothing. Pakistan is a living example for this. Pakistan is harbouring and nourishing terrorists in the hope that these terrorists will wreck havoc in Kashmir and cause trouble to the Indian government. But the majority of the terrorists bred by Pakistan are doing damage inside Pakistan. Pakistani people are being killed and slaughtered by these terrorists mercilessly due to sectarian reasons. Serbia should realise that if it breeds terrorists and criminals, tomorrow its own people will face trouble.


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