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Making it on $10 dollars an hour

Is it possible to make it on 10 dollars an hour. Can you live in a hotel and pay for your food and still have money to go the movies or clubbing or just maybe to a coffee house. I think that its very possible and I plan on trying this someday. This hub is about my plans and how I going to accomplish this. I will go over the the positives and the negatives and see if this life style is worth living. The questions is how much money do I have to spend a week, how much money will I clear on my paycheck and how do I travel, what kind of a job will pay me $10 dollars an hour. The City I will live will make a big difference also, so I going to pick Dallas because I know this town and how much it cost to live here.

Hotel Room

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How Much Money Do I have to Spend

The kind of Jobs I believe I could find because I have worked some of them before are, Hotel Clerk, Security Guard, Waitress, Hostess just to name a few. There are lots of $10 an hour jobs you just have to be willing to work hard for the money. Lets say I make $10 an hour that should be about $400 dollars a week and clearing about $320 dollars clear a week. So We have a budget of about $46 dollars a day. Is that enough to live on I believe it can be done but it will take some work and planning each week for the next week. I think you can do this but you need to plan a week in advance. You have 3 main expenses, hotel room, food and transportation. But the question is will this leave me any money for my enjoyment. I thinks so but its not going to be easy.

Two Star Hotel is all I need

I have about $320 dollars a week to spend and I believe that I can make it on about $190 a week. Price-line is one of my favorite sites and when buying you room a few weeks in advance this can be done. Here is what my $22 dollar a night bid would cost me.

Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $22.00

Travel Insurance: $35.00


Taxes and Services Fees: $31.58

Total Charges*: $185.58

Place you bid at a One star and Price line will usually upgrade you to a two star and even sometimes if you lucky a 2 1/2 star. Its very possible I do it all the time. Another tip I have for you is to go to and check prices there as well because what ever they offer you can usually cut take that number and reduce it by 20% and bid that on Price-line. The other good thing is Price-line always has good quality hotels.

A Bus Pass is a Must

I need to get back to and from work and I also need transportation for food, when I go out and to visit friends and family. In Dallas we have a Transit System Called Dart and you can travel by Bus or Train to almost any where in Dallas and Surrounding Towns. You can even go as far as Fort Worth and use their Transit system for and extra few dollars. You can get a Monty Pass for about $50 dollar and if you need to go-to Fort-worth you can added another $30 a month for a Premium Pass. For this dream I am only going to get a $50 dollar pass. I can always spend an extra two dollars when I need to got to Fort Worth. So I figure I only need about $15 dollars a week for Transportation. If I had a car that would be enough gas for only one day.

If I was Rich This would be My Hotel

Eating Out Every Day

How much money do I need for Food. That all depends on how much I eat out and what kind of places I eat at. In Dallas I have so many choices and the food here is great. If I am lucky I can get some free meals at the Hotels. About 50% of these hotels will offer some breakfast and a few will offer a brunch for dinner and sometimes even some beer and wine. So on average I will be responsible for about 3-4 breakfast meal every week. I can eat a good breakfast at McDonald's for about $3 and spend up to $6 dollars eating at Denny's. So I going to say breakfast will be about $20 a week on. Remember the free meals. Lunch is going to cost me about $5 dollars a day or about $35 dollars a week. Dinner is the most expense of all the meals but I am counting on a few happy hours so My budget her is about $6 dollars a day or $42 for the week. So My budget for my meals is going to be about $97 dollars a week. This is eating good, some meals will be cheap and some I will enjoy a good meal.

Could you live like this? Comments 4 comments

In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California

Interesting Hub, but although the thought of never doing dishes is tempting, it is definately not my kind of life style. Interesting perspective however.

kia31 profile image

kia31 8 years ago from Los Angles Author

I don't think I could really live this way neither but I want to give it a try for a few months just to see if I am strong enough, becuase I think this could be a rough life or maybe even lonely.

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 5 years ago from Minnesota

Did you ever do this kia? I am very curious????

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Minnetonka Twin,

This is something I thought about doing when I was younger but never did, still might try one day who knows.

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    Time to Enjoy MySelf

    After spending all that money on my room, food and Transportation, I still have about $22 dollars for entertainment. I can go to the movies for $8.00 gets some popcorn $5 a soda $4 and even some candy $3. Or I can go to one of the Many clubs in Dallas and usually get in for less than $10 and still have some money for a drink or two. I know that living on $10 an hour is not really that easy and at times I will have no money whats so ever but it can be done. How long I could keep up this life style, probably not that long. But I never have to do dishes, never have to make a bed and never have to clean up myself. I just have to go to work and live the American Dream

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