Slovenia Has Top Class Technology and Innovation

Pipistrel Light Aircraft Is a Technology Marvel

Koper Port Scouting For Opportunities

Slovenia, Koper Port
Slovenia, Koper Port | Source

Slovenia Has Top Class Technology and Innovation

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Slovenia Has Top Class Technology and Innovation

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Will Slovenia Go The Same Way As Greece?

Koper Port Scouting For Opportunities

Slovenia’s port of Koper is seeking traffic and investors for its development. The port seeks a consortia of investors among whom India is also a possibility. As Indian ports are developed and Indian engineers are good in providing infrastructural development, Slovenia is naturally interested in seeking Indian cooperation. Slovenia was a breakaway group from the erstwhile Yugoslavia in the nineties. Other breakaway factions are Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro. Among the breakaway nations, Slovenia is doing better than other nations as it had secured the European Union membership way back in 2004. At that time European Union membership was most sought after and very valuable also. But now the European Union itself is mired in debt crisis and a European Union membership is not of any use to any nation at this point of time. In fact, Slovenia would have been better off if it had not joined the European Union and had its own currency.

Looking East

Slovenia has realised this reality. It is looking beyond European Union and targeting towards the East. Emerging economies like China and India are attracting investors from the West in large numbers. Economic growth rate is still attractive in this region even though it has slowed down compared to the past. Slovenia is nestled in Europe’s Alpine region. Before the recession Slovenia was the fastest growing nation in the European Union. Last year, 80% of its imports and 70% of its exports were in the same region. Unemployment is at 12% now. Slovenia has a huge public deficit and its ageing population is a problem to tackle with.

Will Slovenia Go The Same Way As Greece?

Slovenia also has to face the pressure of reforms from both the European Union and IMF. Slovenian people have largely a socialist mind set. They are not willing to absorb the diktat of the IMF and the European Union. There are possibilities of Slovenia sliding in the direction of Greece and Ireland because of the debt burden. Borut Pahor, the Prime Minister of Slovenia, faces an uphill ordeal. On the one hand he has to undertake unpalatable reforms to please the IMF and the European Union. On the other hand he has to take steps to attract investments from outside and especially from the East. Slovenia has a population of two million people.

Against Reforms

An overwhelming majority of the people in Slovenia voted against the proposed pension reforms in a referendum conducted in June last year. The government wanted to increase the retirement age of the people from 60 to 65. The aim was to bring the budget deficit to fewer than three per cent of its GDP by the year 2013. The European Union has been insisting on bringing the fiscal deficit under control in order to ensure economic sustainability. But the people are very conscious of their rights and are used to receiving their pension from the age of 60. The opposition parties are pressing for an early election.

India and Slovenia Are Friends

Actually India had a close relationship with the erstwhile Yugoslavia. Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and the Yugoslav President Marshall Tito (Josip Broz Tito) jointly initiated the non-aligned movement. Therefore if Slovenia shows interest, India will be prepared to increase its trade and economic tie-ups with Slovenia. Indian people also have a liking towards Slovenian people as Slovenia has not taken any anti Indian stand in disputed areas like the Kashmir issue. The visit of the Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor was welcomed by the Indians.

Pipistrel Light Aircraft Is a Technology Marvel

Another reminder of Pipistrel's creative juices is the picture of their
Another reminder of Pipistrel's creative juices is the picture of their | Source

India and Slovenia Are Friends

Pipistrel Light Aircraft Is a Technology Marvel

Even though Slovenia is a small nation, it has a strong R&D base with many innovations. The Pipistrel Light Aircraft was designed by a Slovenian Ivo Boscarol. It can fly non-stop for 1000 km. These light planes deploy sophisticated electronic control systems. They provide unimaginable levels of safety. One can indulge in gliding long distances without engine power and manoeuvring at slow velocity. If an accident results, a hand lever-operated parachute permits both the plane and the passenger to land safely. Two people can comfortably travel in this light aircraft. The cost of the aircraft starts at € 55000. Cost-wise, it is the same as the price of a luxury car like Mercedes Benz. Pipistrel is also to launch a four-seater aircraft shortly. Indian Airforce and civilian establishments should think of purchasing their aircraft requirements from Pipistrel of Slovenia. Several helicopters and MIG aircrafts are crashing in India. Safety aspect should be given importance. The government should immediately buy its aircraft requirements from Pipistrel. Of course big sized aircrafts are not manufactured by Pipistrel for the time being.

Smart Fridge

The Slovenian Prime Minister invited open investments from Indian businessmen into Slovenia in order to tide over the cash crisis. India boasts of the innovation of Tata Nano car. But there are many Tata Nanos in Slovenia which are unheard of in the world. Slovenia’s home appliances company Gorenje has come out with a smart fridge that can connect with the Internet. In India and other parts of the world, people have heard about smartphones. But nobody has known about Slovenia’s smart fridges. Gorenje sells its innovative products in more than seventy nations in the world.

Growth in Electronics, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Slovenia has shown tremendous progress in biotechnology, electronics and pharmaceutical research. Telecommunications technology is highly competitive field. Here a Slovenian company Iskratel came up with solutions based on its own R&D. Its products and solutions are competing with American and European companies in the East European markets including Russia in mobile, telecom and digital broadband sectors. Exports constitute nearly 90% of the total sales turnover of € 950 million for Krka Pharmaceuticals, a Slovenian company. Litostoj, a Slovenian turbine manufacturing company is renowned in Europe and outside. Even in India it is popular. Elan Skupkina is a Slovenian ski manufacturer popular all over the world. It comes up with championship winning ski designs each year.

Solar Powered Boats

Another Slovenian company launched solar-powered Greenline Hybrid boats two years back. These boats are both cost effective and reliable. The technology for these boats has been patented. The hull in these boats is low drag and has super displacement. They use less power to speed upto 16 knots through water. The boats also offer excellent electric propulsion through power obtained by solar energy as well as battery. The Akropovic exhaust design is another popular product from Slovenia designed by a motor racer.

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