So you think your spouse is in Boston on a business trip

Actually the whereabouts is irrelevant. Maybe it is London or Rome...whilst all the time they are in the Philippines or Thailand.

The Internet

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Checking out that email

Okay you trust him/her 100% right? Then don't bother reading any further.

But it wouldn't hurt would it? Just to be sure. Take another look at the email you just recieved.

Besides it may not be your partner or spouse. This could be from your kids who are meant to be at college....or with their friends in Maryland. Know where they are and that they are safe.


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It is simple and quick enough. Look at the email you recieved.

Somewhere up in the top there will be a control. Usually this will say 'Full Header' or something similar. Click on this. It will bring up a lot of figures and numbers. Look down these till you see:

Received: from [6*.1*7.65.172]

Or something very close to it. This is the IP address. This is what you need. Every computer has its own unique IP address. So copy this and open the following page.

It will immediately show where you are. Look down the page to Look Up IP Address and paste the address you copied here. Click on the button and Lo and Behold it will show you the country and location from which your email was sent. You even get a nice little Google Map too.

So is it guaranteed true? my own experience no, no it isn't. Detecting my own computer has showed me hundreds of miles from where I was. This is because of the use of proxy servers. The country though is/has always been right up to now.

What about you? Perhaps you want to be a little bit 'pasaway' yourself. Then get yourself a gmail account....they don't show the IP address. Very clever!

Origininal Email

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