Some Security Seals and Anti-Tamper Products Are Now Approved by US Customs!


The trouble with many types of traditional locking systems is that it is still possible for some individuals to have access to your shipment without your knowledge. Why put your business in the hands of someone else, use tamper resistant bolt locks and security seals as a way to ensure that your shipment arrives at its location in the same condition that it left with, un-tampered.

There or a variety of security lock and anti-tamper products that not only work but are the very same that are used by US Customs. Whether you are looking for Globe Metal Security Seals, C-tite Plastic Security , Plastic Padlock Security, or an assortment of Bolt Locks, you need to make sure that the security instruments you buy are top notch so cargo will not be tampered with or stolen.

Bolt seals are great for shipping containers as well as railroad and air freight containers. They are high strength security instruments that will deter even the most determined attempts at tampering. The Bolt systems encompass a solid metal core head and locking cylinder that is covered in a shock proof plastic.

Unfortunately shipment tampering and theft are a trend that is not disappearing anytime soon nor is the fight against it. When choosing to use products that are approved by the strict guidelines of the US Customer you are helping to ensure that your business and shipments are protected.
Ensure that your shipment is un-tampered with the security seals and anti-tamper merchandise that have been proven to work.

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Deltachord 6 years ago from United States

Informative article and clearly written.

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