Southern California Family Vacations -- C'mon Down!

Southern California is the perfect place for a family vacation! Pick an amusement park or two, throw in a beach here and there, add a dash of Hollywood "bling," perhaps, and ~voila!~ you have a California vacation everyone will enjoy – from toddlers to grandparents and everyone in between. Whether you head to laid-back San Diego, super-stylin' Orange County or the-one-and-only Los Angeles, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more variety-filled, crowd-pleasing locale for your next family vacation.

Props to the  Disneyland Sign Generator
Props to the Disneyland Sign Generator

It's pretty hard to have a bad time in southern California, actually, because the weather is gorgeous about 90% of the time. During the summer months (roughly June to October), the air temperature is about 80 degrees during the day and about 70 degrees at night. If you visit during what they call "winter" in southern California, you'll typically find 70-degree days followed by 55-degree nights. (The temperature does go above 100 degrees or below freezing on occasion, however, so check below for a more precise forecast before you pack.) As to the Pacific Ocean water temperature, it's about 70 degrees during summer and hovers around 55-60 degrees in the winter months.

Southern California family vacations don't have to cost an arm and a leg, either. You can give you wallet a break and hike, swim or try your hand at building sandcastles. Maybe rent some bikes or in-line skates; stop at a local market and pick up a picnic lunch. Just about every southern California town has at least one public park and usually more than one. Many feature adventure playgrounds for the little ones along with barbecues and picnic tables, and some even offer sports facilities, including equestrian centers and golf courses. Teens or "tweens" can be a bit harder on the budget, of course, but it doesn't cost much to rent a boogie-board for the beach or just spend the day people-watching in Beverly Hills or Hollywood. You can save your money for one or two southern California vacation "splurges" and spend the rest of your time with your family exploring the parks, beaches or outdoor markets and just generally enjoying the scenery and the weather. You can check out this resource to help plan fun adventures and activities for your southern California family vacation.

from Jason DeRusha at flickr, Creative Commons license for commercial use
from Jason DeRusha at flickr, Creative Commons license for commercial use

Another excellent way a family can save on their California vacation is to consider a vacation rental in lieu of the more typical hotel, motel or resort lodging alternatives. Not only will you appreciate the added space and privacy a vacation home rental can offer, you'll quite likely save substantial money by not having to eat each and every meal at a restaurant. The Internet makes it easy to find a vacation rental in a location and price range that works for you, and most vacation rental sites offer photos (and some even offer videos) in addition to a thorough description of the properties. If you've never tried this alternative, you really should. (Sometimes just having a second bathroom can add an incredible amount of pleasure and comfort to your family vacation!) Here's a link to learn more about some California vacation rental considerations. The link at the bottom of that article will help you access the lovely vacation rental properties listed in the guide, but a Google search, of course, will turn up many, many more alternatives for you.

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Have you tried doing just a Hollywood vacation and maybe staying in the Beverly Hills Hotel? Here is a link -

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