Sri Lankan Beaches

Sri Lanka has long seacoast around the country.The approximate length of beaches in Sri Lanka is around 1300 kilometers.Blue water,golden sand and shiny sunshine are common facts with Sri Lankan beaches.Most of hotels,guest houses and other tourist facilities are based around beach sides in Sri Lanka.So tourists can enjoy the beaches comfortably.

Pasikuda and Kalkuda

This is a golden sandy beach near to Batticolo town,east coast Sri Lanka.This beach is situated at 35 north-west of Baticoloa town.Pasukudah and Kalkudah situated few kilometers apart.Tourists can easily reach Pasikudah and Kalkudah beaches from Baticoloa and Trincomalee where there are star class accommodations.Pasikuda and Kalkuda beaches are famous for sand.Pasikuda is a rapidly growing for upcoming tourist trends.There are near 20 5-star tourist hotels under constructing.


  • Chayya Blu Trincomalee
  • Peigon Island Beach hotel
  • Malu Malu(5-Star)

A markerpasikuda -
Pasikuda Beach, Sri Lanka
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Negombo beach is the longest tourist beach area in Sri Lanka situated near to the Katunayaka international airport.You can reach Negombo in minutes from Katunayaka airport.Negombo well facilities tourism industry.


  • Jetwing Beach hotel
  • Jetwing Sea hotel
  • Paradise Holiday Village
  • The Palace hotel
  • St.Lachlan Hotel and Suitse
  • Blue Oceanic Beach hotel

A markernegombo -
Negombo, Sri Lanka
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Wadduwa beach side a another eye catching beach side in Sri Lanka located in southern side.

Hotels in Wadduwa

  • Reef Villa and Spa Sri Lanka
  • The Blue Water
  • Siddalepa Ayurvedha Health Resort
  • Serene Pavilions

A markerwadduwa -
Wadduwa, Sri Lanka
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A markerarugambay -
Arugambay, Sri Lanka
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This is a dreamy beach in the world.Arugambay beach is 314km far from Colombo town.Arugambay is very famous beach side for water surfing among tourists.

Hotels in Arugambay

  • Arugam Bay Surf Resort
  • Hang Loose Guesthouse
  • Galaxy Lounge
  • Fantasy Hotel
  • Hideaway Villas

A markerkosgoda -
Kosgoda, Sri Lanka
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Kosgoda is a beautiful beach side in Sri Lanka's southern side.

Hotels in Kosgoda

  • Kosgoda Beach Resort
  • Hotel Bentota Village
  • Induruwa Beach Resort

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Beautiful pictures, makes me wish I was there! Thanks for sharing your personal tour of the these awesome beaches, voted up, useful, awesome, beautiful and interesting...

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Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

Absolutely Gorgeous. I wish I lived by one of the beaches.

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I love going to the beach and wish I was there at sri lankan. It would have been a great journey. I vote up and beautiful! Thank you! :0)

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Hi Adikari. Wow Sri lanka beaches look like heaven on earth, wonderful.

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