St. Lucia Marquis Estate

St. Lucia Marquis Estate

Marquis Estate is located in the north east of St. Lucia in the region of Dauphin. Marquis estate is one of the most beautiful places to visit in St. Lucia, with its lush green valley, flowing Marquis river and gorgeous beach front and bay. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, Marquis Estate includes a soft white sand beach in a secluded bay area. The weather at Marquis Estate is typical of any caribbean paradise island, warm and sunny most the year with rainy season lasting from June to November.

St. Lucia Marquis Estate History

The history of Marquis Estate dates back to the 1700's. As the island was contended for between the French and the English, Marquis estate and the north east region of St. Lucia was of up most importance. The production and exportation of sugar was the first commercial use of this estate and the vast bay made it easy to commute from ship to land. the Marquis river made it ideal for commercial use as it allowed the use of the water wheel. More recently, the estate was ran by Harry Atkinson as a thriving banana plantation, largest on the island during its time. Its location made it ideal once again as it is a short distance to the capital city of Castries to the west and its deep bay which allows for major commercial exportation. You can schedule St. Lucia tours of the Marquis Estate which include a guided tour from the historical plantation house to the river and down to the beach; also included is a traditional St. Lucian lunch prepared fresh and a delicious traditional caribbean rum punch!

St. Lucia Resort - Marquis Estate

Marquis Estate is in the process of being converted into a 5 star luxury resort. The new look will be unparalleled in the Caribbean and the developers promise it will be one of the finest resorts around.

Two golf courses, a small 9 hole course as well as an 18 hole Gary Player signature golf course overlooking the beautiful valley and Atlantic ocean will be one of the highlights of this resort. Gary Player visited the late 2008 to tour the island and the estate.

A wide range of villas, apartments, condos and hotel suites located on the valley floor, by the water front and a top the valley gazing down on the valley floor and out to the ocean.

A casino, marina and spa will be located on the resort, all designed to be top of the game. A full range of fitness equipment, sporting facilities and sport specific training will be made available. 

The hotel will feature an exquisite dining experience with dishes from around the globe as well as fresh local recipes sure to interest major investors and guest form all over.

This is definitely a resort worth looking into whether you're looking for a great vacation package or interested in purchasing a villa. For more information check out:

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