Stonehenge In England


Stonehenge is an ancient monument located in the southern or southwest central Wiltshire County in England. On this English countryside, thousands of years ago, massive stones, some weighing 50 tons were arranged in a circular pattern. Stonehenge is still an unsolved mystery of why and how it was constructed.

The site began as a earth embankment and ditch in 3100 BC. From 3100 BC to 3000 BC there may have been a circular type monument at Stonehenge made from wood and timber from trees. A similar structure in England from around the 21st century called Seahenge may have been what the early Stonehenge might have been like although there is no evidence that the two monuments are related in any way.

In 2600 BC stones began to replace wooden structures at Stonehenge. Some of the massive stones were thought to have been brought in by human effort from places up to 160 miles away!

A few hundred years later even larger stones called "sarsen" stones" were brought to the site possibly from about 25 miles away. How these ancient people moved these great stones is still a mystery although some believe that conventional methods from those time periods makes it possible.

They still don't quite know what the reason was behind Stonehenge or its purpose. Possibly a burial site or perhaps a ceremonial place. It could be a massive stone calender meant to track planting seasons. It could have been the center of some religious organization from long ago. It is believed to definitely possess properties that acknowledge celestial activity.

Where Stonehenge Is Located

A markerstonehenge -
Stonehenge, 4 A344 Rd, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Wiltshire SP4 7DE, UK
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