Summer in Menorca, Spain

Spain's Islands

Spain is home to more than a dozen islands with beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. When people think of Spain, they think: Barcelona or Madrid, but there are still so many places in Spain that needs traversing and exploring. Like other vacation summer spot, Spain offers dozens of beaches - rocky, sandy, breezy, or sunny.

The country boasts groups of islands that offer peaceful sunsets and clear waters. The most famous of the island groups are the Balearic and Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are known for their unspoiled beaches, where rubbing elbows (literally) with other beach goers won't be a problem.

The Balearic Islands, meanwhile, entice travelers with bustling markets that offer exciting wares and exotic meals. The island group is also known for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, mostly found on the island of Ibiza. There are many people milling around the islands that sometimes, you just want to find a place where you can immerse in the culture and actually relax, without having to compete with other travelers.

Well, that place is Menorca (sometimes spelled 'Minorca'). With tons of places to see and many activities to do at this place, where can one even begin to explore this piece of paradise?

Menorca has the largest number of beaches. How could anyone ever be bored? Each beach has its own "personality". Others have huge boulders overlooking sapphire seas, while others are littered with palm trees in the cool breeze. If you're not too fond of beach balls and sun tans, you can, instead enjoy learning about the different landmarks and historical monuments. Most of the landmarks are reached by hiking paths that lead to elevated areas. There are hiking tours offered by the island and many visitors take the chance to survey the beautiful landscape while learning about the island's rich heritage and history.



You can also go to Monte Toro, the island's highest peak, where there is an old sanctuary used by a religious order to this very day.

Menorca also hosts various horse-riding activities. There is a kind of horse race where the riders don't ride on the horse. They ride in sleigh-like carts pulled by their horse. Think Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome chariots!

For those who would rather explore caves, kayaking and canoeing will make you happy! Beautiful caves around the beaches will be fun sites to explore while the rest of your friends can go snorkeling!

So, how do you end your day in Menorca? The Spanish island of Ibiza is not the only one with a lively nightlife. In Menorca, you can go to a restaurant and nurse cool drinks while looking at the sunset. Oh, it also helps if the restaurant is located on a series of caves where the view is the best, like the Cova d'en Xoroi, which sits atop a network of caves. Nighttime is the best time to have a relaxing evening at this restaurant, where the soft yellow lights around the place shows a stark contrast to the dark blue night sky. There's no other place to spend a well-earned vacation than at Menorca. So, get a move on, and have fun!

Cova d'en Xoroi
Cova d'en Xoroi

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