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Sunnhordland extends from the bare islands at the ocean's edge to the steep mountainsides of the fjords and their lush interiors.Folgefonna - Norwa's third biggest glacier is the jewel in the crown . Here in Sunnhordland, you can ski on everlasting snow , swim in the sea and fish in the fjord - all in one day!

Sunnhordland has some of the finnest and most distinctive scenery in Norway. In a few hours you can travel from open waters and dramatic ocean through a fascinating fjord landscape and end up on ''Norway's roof'' . Sunnhordland's natural beauty lies ready and waiting for those who are looking for exciting experiences and wist to explore it.

The Ocean 

In the outermost part of the region, the landscape is dominated by the ocean and the coastline. Imagine watching the ocean waves pounding against the rocks at Bomlo or in Austevoll. Or perhaps you fin it more tempting to watch the sun go down over the sea from Ryvarden lighthouse? No matter the weather, a trip to these barren but vibrant areas of our region will prove and unforgettable experience.

The fjord and the islands

As you move further inland, a fascinating island and fjord kingdom opens up before your eyes. There are thousands of large and small islands in the region - all of them marked by the friendly and hospitable character of the people of Sunnhordland. Norway's second longes fjord - the Hardangerfjord - starts in Sunnhordland. This 179-km-long fjord, often called the ''Queen of the Norwegian fjords'' also contributes to the distinctive character of the region.

Mountains and glacier

Further inland in the region, the mightly Sunnhordland mountains tower heavenwards, with some peaks as tall as 1700 metres. The mountains surround Norway's third largest glacier - Folgefonna . This magnificent glacier is ''spread'' over the mountains of the Folgefonna peninsula like the icing on a cake. Some of Norway's most spectacular waterfalls cascade down the mountainsides. Folgefonna National Park, the 25th national park in Norway, was opened here in summer 2005.


Like its distinctive and varied scenery, Sunnhordland also has a varied history for visitors to explore. Sunnhordland was one of the first areas to be settled in Norway, and up through the ages the are has had a special place in the countr's history. Thats is why Sunnhordland is one of the areas with most ancient monuments and the riches cultural heritage, dating back thousands of years.

Fishermen, hunters and boatbuilders

Fishing and hunting have always been important when people have settled in an area . This is also true of Sunnhordland, whose inhabitants have shown great prowess in exploiting the area's natural resources. Fish from the sea and the fjords and game from bountiful hunting grounds have always been important to people in this part of Hordaland. The people of Sunngordland have alwas been a travelling people, and boatbuilding became an important activity early in the area's history. It is still an important industry,although nowadays they build modern ships and the world's biggest oil installations.


The people of Sunnhordland have always been god-fearing - both in old Norse times and in more recent times. It was no accident, therefore, that Olav Trgvason choose to go ashore in Moster in 995 AD in order to take over the throne and start the Christianisation of Norway. Moster is still home to one of the oldest chruches in Norway - Moster Old Church. Erling Skakke built Halsnoy Monastery on the island of the mightiest Augustinian monasteries in Norway's history.

The Viking era and the nobility

Given its central location, it was almost inevitable that Sunnhordland would come to occupy a prominent place during the Viking era. The region became a central base for Viking chieftains who often went raiding in the west. There are many places, therefore, where relics of this era can be seen. The aristocracy subsquently made their presence felt and the building of the Barony Rosendal was completed in 1665 - the only one of its kind in Norway.

Popular culture

However, the most important element in any region is the people themselves. The great activity tha has characterised Sunnhordland has of course created the basis for a lively folk culture, which has fortunately been nurtured and maintained throughout the region.

Folgefonni Glacier Team

  • Daily blue ice trips on Juklavassbreen glacier
  • Daily glacier guiding between Fonnabu and Holmaskjer
  • ''GPS trails'' in cultural landscape and alpine areas
  • Tailored activity packages for groups in all price ranges
  • Skiing , mountaineering , glacier courses, kayaking, cycling and sailing also availaible

Tel.:(+47) 55 29 89 21/95 11 77 92

Sunnhordland has a lively cultural scene with many different events taking place year-round. There is a wide variety to choose from and you are guaranteed to find something to suit your taste.


There are many festivals throughout Sunnhordland. Many places host traditional fishing festivals with a family proile, while other places host dance and rock festivals tailored for a younger audience. On Stord, sports festivals have for a long time been held and a handball festival, one of the biggest in the countr, is held there during Whitsun.

Variety Shows

Sunnhordland has a rich tradition of putting on variety shows, also during the summer. The Fitjar Summer Variety show is a well established and much loved part of the Sunnhordland summer. The variety will take place this year too, but you will also have the opportunity to expierence lively shows elsewhere in the region.

Sunnhordland - The boating paradise

Sunnhordland is a paradise for boating enthusiasts. You can sail on the open sea, navigate through skerries or narrow fjords. By boat you can also get to the many cultural events and activities organised arround the region. You can also take the advantage of the opportunities for walks in woodland and fields or to the tops of tall mountains. If ou are lucky , ou might even find your own private island.

Coast, fjords, waterfalls and glaciers

This is a fantastic round trip that departs from Bergen,where you can see skerries , islands and fjords, viewed from the road and from ferries. Hire a car or use your own.

3-7 Days , 550km , 4 ferrie

Bergen-Bekkjarvik-Fitjar-Stord-Bomlo-Etne-Akrafjorden-Odda-Folgefonna-Rosendal-Tysnes-Bergen. For more information about this trip :

Cycling in Sunnhordland

Experiences are more vivid and intense on a bicycle, powerful waterfalls, flocks of sheep along the road-side, the salty smell of the sea. Sunnhordland is a region of contrast and variety,also when it comes to cycling experiences. You can experience archipelagos one day and fjords and mountains the next. Here its the nature that leaves you breathless!

Paddling in Sunnhordland

How about a paddling adventure? Sunnhordalnd offers a multitude of experiences for the paddling enthusiast - from the salt-tanged thrills of sea kayaking to the tranquilllity of canoeing on fjords or lakes.

Fishing and hunting

Sunnhordland is paradise for anyone looking to harvest of Nature's bounty. Since time immemorial people have flocked to the are to tr their luck at fishing - in the sea, rivers and lakes. Hunting has also been more and more in focus in recent years. There is something to suit all tastes here.


Austevoll is one of the biggest fisheries municipalities in the country - it is famous for its wild sheep and salmon. The municipality, which has a population of approx. 4,500 , consists of 667 large and small islands - nine of which are populated all year round. Bridges , express boats and ferries ensure excellent communications within the municipality and with the mainland . You can travel west to the ocean by car over the bridges or by boat to taste the salty air of the coast!


Austevoll Touris Board                             Austevoll municipality

P.b 99, 5399 Bekkjarvik                            kommunehuset, 5392 Storebo

Tel (+47) 95187698                                     Tel. (+47) 55 08 10 00

faks (+47)55 08 42 41                                 fax (+47) 55 08 10 01                                      


Hufthamartunet - Hufthamar

Old farm estate near the ferr quay at Hufthamar.The oldest cottage dates back to the seventeenth century. For guided tours , please contact tel. (+47)55 08 10 00

The Coastal Museum-Bakkasund

A local museum built on local efforts to collect pictures, articles for daily use, letters etc. from the people living on Storekalsoy. The exhibition provides insight into the island's historical development. To arrange a visit at the museum, please contact Joker Bakkasund, tel.(+47) 56 18 31 90

Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri

Bekkjarvik is situated beside the main coastal fairway between Bergen and Haugesund. The old buildings have been beautifully restored and welcome travellers and conference participants.Experiences/activities/gallery. Tel: (+47) 55 08 42 40 ,

Northengjo - Bekkjarvik

Northengja in Bekkjarvik is the largest net-mending and storing shed preserved along the coast, as well as having been used for the impregnation of ropes and sails with decoctions of bark. It has been used as a location for cultural events. Particularly beautiful outdoor venue for concerts.

Marstein Lighthouse

Famous landmark at the netrasnce to the Korsfjord and Bergen. The lighthouse, which has been unmanned since 2002, was bought by Austevoll Municipality in 2005. It was renovated in 2009 and ca be used as a venue for meetings and overnight accomodation (nine rooms) . Open by arrangement with the Marstein Lighthouse foundation, contact tel : (+47) 55 08 10 10/ 95 79 70 21

Mollo - Vinnes

An old mill that has been used both for milling and as a timber mill. The building may now be use as an overnight stop for people coming by sea.

German radarstation

During the war, the Germans built a radar station to the traffic on Stolmen. Remains of the station remain, giving a glimpse of the activities going on during the war. The staion is situated on the North Sea track.

The pilot's cabin at Kalve - Bakkasund

In the old days , the pilot had to follow the boats sailing past, and inquire if they required a pilot on board. The cabin is situated on the North Sea track. The cabin is open for groups upon request with Joker Bakkasund, tel : (+47) 56 18 31 90


Bomlo is Sunnhordland's last bulwark before the open sea, acting as a long-drawn shelter for the islands and the villages withing. At Bomlo ou can experience wild and rough sea, as well as miles and miles shimmering sea. Habitation at Bomlo is dispersed, gathered in five densely populated areas. The municipal centre and main shopping site is Svortland.The municipality is and Eldorado for persons interested in fishing, and offers many overnight accommodation alternatives- as well as allowing everybody to try their fishermen's luck, either from boat or onshore.

Info :

Bomlo Tourist information                                    Bomlo Tourism Association

Radhuset                                                                  5445 Bremnes

5430 Bremnes                                                          tel. (+47) 53 42 80 68

tel. (+47) 53 42 30 27                                    

Open mon-fri kl 0800 -1530                           


Etne offers a majestic waterfall, narrow fjord slicking steep mountains in to , and rich opportunities for fishing in rivers and the sea. Etne is Sunnhordland's agricultural district par excellence , known for its fertoe earth, surrounded b mountains, fjords and idyllic islands. The estates along the Akra fjord and the two villages Skanevik and Etne with their respective communit centres are all part of the manicipality. Etnesjoen is the municipal centre.Skanevik , also known as ''the pearl of Sunnhordland'' is and idylic village with a distinctive, well preserved building traditions.


Fugl Fonix                                                        Skanevik Fjordhotel

5590 Etne                                                       5593 Skanevik , tel. (+47) 53 77 07 00

tel. (+47) 53 77 14 40                                                                                                  Akrafjordtunet                          5590 Etne, tel. (+47) 53 75 42 60/959 09 664



The are of Fitjar municipality is 150 km2 and it constitutes 50 % of Stordoya island. There are approximately 3000 inhabitants in the municipalit. Important businesses operate in retail, primary industries, manucrafturing and aquaculture. A large part of Fitjar consists of myriad islands and skerries separated by shallow sounds and bays.Traditional shipping routes pass through the area , ant the municipality contains several trading posts dating back as far as 1648. The Fitjar islands offer unique scenery and constitute an important resource for the municipality. The are also a popular boating destination.


Tourist Information Office at Fitjar Fjordhotell

5419 Fitjar

Tel: (+47) 53 45 77 00

Open every day from 07:00-23:00


Kvinherad lies in the middle of the Hardanger fjord, Norway's second-longest fjord (179 km). The fjord is often called the ''Queen of Norwegian fjords.'' The southern part of the municipality is typical of the Western Norwegian fjord scenery. The areas Rosendal and Mauranger are known for some of the most beautiful fjord scenery in Sunnhordland.


Skalakaien , 5470 Rosendal

Open every day from 13 May - 12 September.

May and September 10-15, June, July,

Aug 10-19

Tel: (+47) 53 48 42 80


Stord is the only town in Sunnhordland and is a centre for the entire region. Leirvik is a juction for communication within and out of Sunnhordland. Starting from Stord, the way to new experiences in all of Sunnhordland is short!

So that's all i knew about Sunnhordland in Norway . I hope you enjoy my article . If you want to go travel here i wrote many tel numbers for activities sights and everything else . :)

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