Swim With Dolphins in Majorca - Marineland

Most of us would not asscociate Europe with Swimming with Dolphins, but in fact in Mallorca itself you have your very own opportunity to swim and encounter dolphins at Marine Land. The dolphins are amazingly friendly and absolutely wonderful sea animals. It is a once in a lifetime experience to swim with the dolphins and it is said to be something that you should do before you die. They give you a sense of calm, and make you feel very at ease and peaceful within yourself - some also believe that they are in some ways healing. As well as dolphin shows Marineland also boats wonderful sea lion shows, which are very entertaining, as well as exotic bird shows, an aquariam, sharks, penguins and a tropical house. If you perhaps get bored of sunbathing and the endless boozing then this would be an absolutely fantastic place to visit, to unwind and relax for a few hours before your holiday ends.

There are discounts available online and I would recommend getting this for anyone who is considering booking up to go there as it is very unlikely that you would be able to get this special price on the door.  I had a fantastic time here and would definately go back again and again.

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