Swine Flu Is Scary to Many

Not when you have the "superman" water purification drops!

The news is reporting a great epidemic of Swine flu in Mexico.Authorities in the United States have advised Americans against traveling to Mexico. They've ordered stricter border checks for travelers coming and going from airport and on the highways Mexican police are manning the check points for traveling on the roadways.

China health officials are said to be taking the temperature of airport travelers arriving in the country. A high fever could be an indication of the swine flu virus. The European Union health commissioner advised Europeans to avoid non-essential travel both to Mexico and southern parts of the United States. Already one death from swing flu was reported in a Houston hospital.

News sources report: The virus poses a potentially grave new threat to the US travel economy, which was showing tentative early signs of a recovery. A widespread outbreak could batter tourism, food and transportation industries, deepening the recession in the US and possibly worldwide.

Doctors revile that there have been 154 deaths in Mexico city and are expecting even more. Authorities say the swine flu may have infected 3,000 people or more. We don't know how contagious it is. Since it is a new disease there are not specific vaccines available.

The news is stating that there are vaccines, but each virus needs its specific vaccine to work. If you are thinking that the flu shot you received will protect you, well sorry you are out of luck. The vaccine is for a specific strain of influenza. It will take at least six months for a vaccine to be developed for this strain.

It the drug companies already have the correct vaccine in hand wouldn't that be kind of suspicious as if they knew ahead of time which new virus was coming out. It makes you wonder?

I read that chlorine dioxide will destroy on contact any virus, bacteria, mold or microorganism. It is true that the Homeland Security used chlorine dioxide in the cleanup of the anthrax scare after 911 and also was used after the hurricane Katrina in Louisiana for mold and fungus contamination.

In the last two years, many people have started using the chlorine dioxide as a mineral drink to treat the water inside the body. It has been on the market over 80 years as a water purifying drops or tablet for hiking and traveling. Jim Humble while on a gold mining expedition found that it help get rid of the Malaria bug during a trip to the jungles in South America. He was treating the stream water with chlorine dioxide so he could drink clean water and noticed that he was the only one in camp that did not come down with Malaria.Since he had no medication for Malaria he gave the other members of the expedition the water purification concoction he was taking and they recovered from the sickness.

There is no reason to believe that the swine flu virus would survive the chlorine dioxide either. Jim Humble says that it works on all viruses in just a few hours.

Travelers are now worried about contracting the swine virus and this may curtail travel until it is under control. Having an epidemic such as this might be will be a problem for the struggling US economy, travel by any means and the airlines. Soon the college students will be returning home for summer break and be carriers of the swine flu spreading it around the world.

If the swine flu virus was man made in a laboratory word will get out. There is already some rumors about this H1N1 virus vaccine being a money machine for the big pharma. I wouldn't be surprised.

Researchers have proved that HIV virus was made and it accidentally got into vaccines going to South Africa. Lyme disease was the result of a US government "Operation Paperclip" and escaped or was set free in Lyme, CT. Both of these problems infestations of bacteria and viruses have been helped by taking the water purification drops -- chlorine dioxide. Help is available and it is a very inexpensive solution.

Here's a couple links that could be beneficial: MMS - water purification Information

http://miraclemineralsupplement-mms.com/ Many articles on disease and MMS

http://subtleenergytherapy.org/ -- water purification products

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JoyRae 7 years ago

Good stuff, Taylore!

thanks for sharing . . .

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tvance 7 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Thanks for visiting and giving us a thumbs up.

hugh 6 years ago

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tvance 6 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

The point of chlorine dioxide is to make your own according to the Jim Humble protocol -- for people to take to kill off all viruses, bacteria, germs, etc.

Buy MMS (water purification drops here: http://subtleenergytherapy.org/ , http://mmsmiracle.com/tvance, http://reikiranch.net

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