Taxis in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach

The South Bay Café Culture

The South bay area is a quiet and historically diverse corner of the Greater LA region, a great place to flee the stresses of city life and unwind by the sea. In the summer, thousands of visitors flock to Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, two of the most popular spots, which combine sea-views with a rich subculture. For many inhabitants of LA, the perfect evening is spent sitting in a SouthBay café or restaurant, watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

The major problem with the South Bay Area is that it is increasingly difficult to travel around, especially at the weekends. The notorious LA gridlock often chokes up the roads as thousands of families have the same idea and head for the coast. Metro services and the bus provide an option, but trying to take an entire family, with all of the attendant luggage, is extremely difficult. If you are a senior or disabled, forget it, because the crowds and the irregular service make this option unviable. For those still tempted to drive, parking during the weekends is virtually impossible; you will spend a lot of your quality time cruising around, looking for an empty spot.

Joelle Leder Photography
Joelle Leder Photography

Using the Taxi – The Sensible Choice

In these circumstances, the best way to get around is by hiring a taxi. Traditionally, the inhabitants of LA have not been as cab-friendly as in NY, but this is rapidly changing. Increases in the number of cabs, and changes in the rules governing where they can pick up fares, have made the whole process much easier. Now, booking a cab, or simply hailing one in the street is far easier, and taxis are rapidly becoming an integral part of the LA transportation network. They are a great way of allowing a professional to handle the stress of driving, allowing the passenger to look forward to a relaxing weekend.

Taxis in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach offer an easy and cost-effective way of sampling the laid-back SouthBay culture, without wasting time waiting for buses or trying to park the car. It is easy to visit Manhattan Beach for the day, and enjoy a swim or the regular beach volleyball tournaments, followed by a long lunch and a few drinks. Hail a taxi and shoot down to Redondo, where you can visit the famous restaurants and sample cuisine from all over the world. The other great advantage of catching taxis in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach is that you do not have to watch what you drink. Share a bottle of wine and good conversation, without worrying about driving home.

The Only Choice for Tourists

For those visiting from outside LA, and staying in one of the many beautiful hotels in Redondo, the proximity of the airport makes a Taxi the only logical choice. After a long and stressful flight, the last thing that you need is to be fighting the crowds on the transit bus, or waste valuable time waiting for a connection.


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