The Alps 15 km away from the sea: Picos de Europa in northern Spain

Little Alps by the sea

There are not many places where you can spot the sea from a 8500 feet high mountain. Well, this is one of them!

Picos de Europa (literally "Peaks of Europe", so called because they were the first sight of Europe the ships arriving from the former spanish colonies in America had) is a range of mountains located in northern Spain, some 15 km inland from the coastline.

Picos de Europa consists of three massifs, separated by breathtaking gorges. The Western and Central massifs are separated by the mile-deep gorge of the river Cares, which is quite renowned among salmon hobby fishers. Walking from one side to the other of this Cares gorge is simply an unforgettable experience. No wonder this is one of the most famous mountain trails in Spain!

Arguably the most beautiful peak in Picos de Europa: the Naranjo de Bulnes

Karst landscape

 Picos de Europa is an extremely impressive alpine karst area. The beauty of this apparent chaos of limestone rocks is overwhelming.


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    Enol Lake

    Naranjo de Bulnes

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