The Beauty Of Switzerland-Pictures of Beautiful & Nice Places

Switzerland is the most beautiful country on earth being a piece of heaven, quite and peaceful. If you want peace of mind, a green and pleasant place for the whole family, there is no other destination to be considred.

One of Switzerland prominent cities is Geneva: French speaking city that lies near the famous mount the Alps. This city is so open to the world where it receives tourists from around the world as their favorite among other cities. EU UN center and The Headquarter of the Red Crescent can be found in this city. Because of this, Geneva is known as the Peace Capital.

There are other wonderful cities as well like Bern, Luzern, Lugano, Zurich...etc and they are all worth visiting.

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drpastorcarlotta profile image

drpastorcarlotta 7 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

OH! MY GOD, how beautiful are these places!!! Blessings and thank you for sharing!

SistasExpress profile image

SistasExpress 7 years ago from Chicago

How beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!!

worldgrandeur profile image

worldgrandeur 7 years ago from The Moon Author

Thank you drpastorcarlotta,

Thank you sistasexpress, you're wonderful.

catjam5050 profile image

catjam5050 7 years ago

Gorgeous pics!!! Very close to my roots...can't imagine places on this planet THIS gorgeous! Thanks!

worldgrandeur profile image

worldgrandeur 7 years ago from The Moon Author

Oh, thank you catjam5050 and glad to know you're close to this wonderful country.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

Beautiful photos. Did you take them?

worldgrandeur profile image

worldgrandeur 7 years ago from The Moon Author

No Peggy! I wish I did :)Thank you for commenting.

Waren E profile image

Waren E 7 years ago from HAS LEFT THE BUILDING............

One word sums it up,"Heavenly"!:D

profile image

Kim Garcia 7 years ago

Absolutely Magical!! Looks like heaven!!

worldgrandeur profile image

worldgrandeur 7 years ago from The Moon Author

Oh right Waren, that's so coooooooool.. Thanks

Thank you Kim :)

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US

thanks for sharing these, I love it ...please read this,

worldgrandeur profile image

worldgrandeur 7 years ago from The Moon Author

Thanks prettydarkhorse, I wll read it.

SQACHIN GOYAL 6 years ago

nice collection......I have other pics but moreover i saw better than me.

Iqra 5 years ago

Switzerland is very beautiful i wish to be there

sadia 5 years ago

nice place .my pakistani swat area is like switzer land.

asad;zaid nd mrym 4 years ago

it is like a heaven on the earth

john 4 years ago


hilal jan 4 years ago

my pakistan is beautiful is the word . and thank you my

hilal jan 4 years ago


raza 4 years ago

it is heaven on earth

Usman 4 years ago

It's really nice photos

rumesh chanaka randunu 4 years ago

nice picture

DEEPAK 4 years ago


naseebullah 4 years ago

iam pakistani.Switzerland is a beatibull and cool country.I like switzerland state.i wanted to go switzerland

beenish 4 years ago

hi, friends God is every where

nido 4 years ago

nice place love to watch

bade-emir 4 years ago

wait swetzerland we are coming....

Geeth 4 years ago

Woh..!!!! What a fine sceneries to see on the Desktop..

Shyamin 4 years ago

Oh can't believe this beauty, It's adorable

shah fahad khan 4 years ago


I am fahad and i am from pakistan i wana go to switzerland...............

i love switzerland

Mimi 4 years ago

I will go to Switzerland :)))

Hiiiiii! 4 years ago

I am jahan zaib khokhar ...

i love switzerland

switzerland soo beautiful place in the word

poonam 4 years ago

it's my dreamy country in world.


junaid khan 4 years ago

i like poonam not switzerland

sohail bangash 3 years ago

i like switzerland vry mch

hasansay 3 years ago

hi i am hasan say i am wanna go to's a really a pices of haven

.i like it's so's my dreamy country in the world.Switzerland is a beatifull and cool it's beauty realy charming my i hope to go next there very soonly .....................................OH! MY GOD, how beautiful are these places!!! Blessings and thank you for sharing!

best regards

hasan say

Mahoo 3 years ago

Its beautiful it's magnificent palace of peace ..........

aasad 3 years ago


radiant's ShoOnu 3 years ago

owsumE dude uuuuuuuf gR8 yaaaaaarw

nuts 9 3 years ago

Its a beautiful country .

Esther 3 years ago

Switzerland, the only country in the world that I would love to visit one day. It really is a very beautiful country. All the places are beautiful, a paradise on earth.

Manju 3 years ago

heaven in the earth

tuba 3 years ago

i just love swisgerland

UMAIR MALIK 3 years ago



shaista siddique 3 years ago

i love switzerland and have a great wish to visit all over switzerland

shahid patwary 3 years ago

its beauty of my G


navya sree 2 years ago

wow wonderful.i want to go ther.give a chance to meet u switzerland

Jucy 2 years ago


Alex Kanyesigye 2 years ago

I am from Uganda,i started to love Switzerland when i watched the movie called 'Lord of the Rings and i fill if i could get a chance and step my feet on that beautiful mountains.

amit 2 years ago

nice country heaven on earth hope i might visit it .

ishaqkhan 2 years ago

my pakistan is a very beautiful countery i love pakistan

M ABBAS KINGS 2 years ago


Ludy Ofrin 2 years ago

BEAUTIFUL PLACE , I HOPE one day my family and I will have an opportunity to go there

nisha rani 2 years ago

I am from Bihar in Hajipur. Switzerland is my dreams. I want to see this country. I wish to visit all over in Switzerland. Really this country is heaven on the earth.

QADEER AFZAL 2 years ago


It is very beautifulhHa ha ha ha ha ha

malik 2 years ago

Inshallah.i am coming swiss.

Mustafa wazir 2 years ago

I wish to swiss

Mustafa wazir gentle man 2 years ago

I Love swiss I Love to sadia my mobile numbers 03119165217

Mrs faryad 21 months ago

Really beautiful country I wish to see it wid my family

zara 20 months ago

I realy like it

soban babar 18 months ago

Asal khosurti insan k andar hoti hai. Jis ka dil khbsurat ho uss k liye. Her. Nazara haseen hai

Laiba 18 months ago

It,s really nice place

Bella 16 months ago

These pictures are beautiful. I grew up in Switzerland, so I know most of the places. I´m living abroad now, in a big city, and I´m definitely starting to miss these beautiful little places of Switzerland. I found a youtube channel, which makes relaxation videos. the rivers were filmed in Switzerland. if you´re interested, here´s a link. :)

Love from London :)

Ohab Hasan 15 months ago

Really beautiful country I wish to see it wid my family.

Pari 11 months ago

Wawww so Awesome. Beautiful country i am coming soon Switzerland

Amalia 8 months ago

Wow Its wonderfull i cant believe my i wish i go to switzerland someday.lord help my wish come true

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