The Best Do-Nothing Vacations

Aruba - one happy (relaxing!) island
Aruba - one happy (relaxing!) island

Sometimes the best vacations are the ones where you don't do anything at all...

I like a vacation as much as the next person, but sometimes after a trip, it's good to be home... like you need a vacation from your vacation. As I've gotten older, I've found that some of my best vacation experiences have been trips where I didn't really do much of anything at all!

Mexico - A few years ago, my family and I rented a house in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Puerto Morelos is a small fishing village in between the tourist traps of Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Sure, we visited (and became very well-known) at Carlos and Charlie's in Cancun a few times, but some of the best time I spent was sunbathing by the pool and taking in the sights at the ruins at Tulum - activities that didn't really require a lot of effort, but were enjoyable nonetheless.

Tennessee - Some friends and I rented a cabin in Sevierville, Tennessee, a few years back. Located between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Sevierville was really nothing but mountains and pine trees as far as the eye could see. The cabin was beautiful and cozy and although we trekked into the neighboring towns for shopping, dining, and lots of miniature golf, we had a good time just hanging around by the fireplace or stargazing on the balcony.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Sure, I know when you think Las Vegas you think that there's a lot to see, do, and spend money on! However, I've gone so many times that I've adopted a more relaxed, "been there, done that" kind of attitude when I'm in Vegas. I know which restaurants I like to go to, which casinos I like to visit, and always try to go see a show or two while I'm in town, but I also like to take it easy. Some things don't lose their charm no matter how many times you've seen them - the Fremont Street light show, the Bellagio fountains, the performers at the Venetian... all for free! The last time I went, I made it a point to enjoy some time poolside at Planet Hollywood - and I even got to see Ami James (Miami Ink) in all his tattooed glory lounging around a few deck chairs down from me!

St. Augustine, Florida - There's lots to do and see in this touristy old town, but if you feel like just chilling, there's plenty of places for that, as well! You can relax at the beach, picnic on the lawn at the Castillo de San Marcos, feed the fish while you eat at the Santa Maria restaurant, or sip a beer and watch the horse-drawn carriages go by from high up at the Old Milltop Tavern. There are lots of great shops and restaurants to visit while you walk along St. George Street, and there's always something to see in the evening - traveling ghost tours, live music, etc. St. Augustine is a fun place to go if you like to walk and sightsee without it being ridiculously crowded and crazy.

Aruba - Aruba is nicknamed "One Happy Island" and after staying there for a week, I can completely vouch for that moniker. My husband and I visited the island a few years ago with my parents, who had already been once before, and they kept apologizing for not making any "big plans" for us. We assured them that we were perfectly happy hanging out by the pool, the beach, (European sunbathing) or the bar. Our biggest activities included deep-sea fishing (lots of tuna, big mahi mahi) and snorkeling at Baby Beach. Other than that and just relaxing in the sun, we went out to dinner every night, went to Carlos and Charlie's once, (not as crazy as the one in Cancun!) and made sure we got pedicures at the poolside spa. A super relaxing vacation!

Miami, Florida - Miami is another one of those places where if you're into the club-hopping scene, I guess you could really go and have a good time. However, when I went with a fellow teacher friend for a weekend at the beginning of the summer, we were so burnt out from finishing the school year, that all we wanted to do was relax! Our days looked like this: wake up, breakfast, pool or beach until late afternoon, shower, relax in room for a bit, late dinner, drinks, crash! We didn't make any plans ahead of time, just went and did what we wanted to do - in both of our cases, all we wanted to do was relax and unwind. The beach in Miami was the perfect place for that... I'd really like to go back again sometime... and maybe this time I will hit a couple bars and clubs!

With all that said... I think I need a vacation!

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AllSuretyBonds profile image

AllSuretyBonds 5 years ago

I love "do nothing" vacations. One of the main reasons I love them so much is because once you get home you don't need another vacation from being so tired from the vacation you took. I love going to the beach. I would love to go to Aruba someday.

Rosie writes profile image

Rosie writes 5 years ago from Virginia

Wow! I'm jealous. We hardly go anywhere outside of our hometown. Your article has inspired me to make an effort to plan a trip somewhere we haven't been before.

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