Tagaytay, the Best Weekend Getaway

Escape summer heat and head to Tagaytay City

A hot summer weather presents the best opportunity to seek out a place like Tagaytay. It is a sweet escape from the sweltering heat due to its pleasantly cool climate, romantic sights and comfort food. It is also the nearest location to escape the summer heat. Tagaytay is indeed the place to be if you hate long travel time.

Just less than a 2-hour drive away, Tagaytay City lies in the south of Metro Manila. It is considered the second summer capital of the country next to Baguio City. You will not run out of great ideas for a day activity in this cool upland city of more than 16,000 residents. You may want to go on a sightseeing tour of the beautiful Taal lake, have coffee at your favorite coffee shop by the ridge, feast on the city's hot and tasty 'bulalo', and even play gold on top of the Tagaytay Highlands! In fact, you can even go there just to relish that quiet time and simply --- sleep!

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Tagaytay's all-year round cool weather is a respite from the record heat plaguing the metro as during the summer months. It also provides the best backdrop for an unforgettable weekend stay either with a group of friends, family and more so, with a special someone. Moreover, it is home to plentiful of retreat centers, not to mention the fresh farm produce widely available just by the roadside.

Many fantastic hotels, bed and breakfast, inns and a host of other affordable accommodations are strewn across the area to welcome the day and weekend travellers. Other activities Tagaytay offer are horseback-riding to catch a glimpse up the Taal Volcano crater and even an adventure through the Zip Line (Picnic Grove) or indulge in a refreshing nature trip to Sonia's Garden.

For the foodies who are looking for a gastronomic adventure, Tagaytay presents an endless array of irresistible food choices. The availability of fresh farm produce and quality cattle meat makes it a food haven. All you need is a healthy appetite and the budget then you're good to go.

Tagaytay is famous known for its 'bulalo', or beef stew concoction very popular among the locals. The roadside stalls carrying this delicacy are hard to miss. Fresh fruits can be had at similar shops by the road.

But then again, if you have access to the Tagaytay Highlands don't miss on the The Highlands Steakhouse, as theyserve one of the best steaks in the area.

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Image with Attribution License | Source

Tagaytay City on the Map

A markerTagaytay City -
Lungsod ng Tagaytay, Pilipinas
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How to Get to Tagaytay

Tagaytay City may be reached by car via the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) then take the Sta. Rosa exit, drive past the Coca Cola Refinery and make a right turn, then drive 18 km or so up to Tagaytay City. Another option is to take the Aguinaldo Highway route (thru the Coastal Road) but make room for the traffic congestion especially during weekends and rush hours.

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gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 4 years ago from Pilipinas Author

Hi Kimberly! Thank you too. I love going to Tagaytay and just sharing the information so that others get to experience it too.

KimberlyLake profile image

KimberlyLake 4 years ago from California

Thank you for this interesting hub. Thanks for Sharing!

gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 4 years ago from Pilipinas Author

Hello GDRshop, it is sad and true that these kind of things often happen to tourist spots as more people chose to live and make a living out of the tourist boom. However, Tagaytay still has the charm that can make you forget about citylife, even just for a weekend.

GDRshop profile image

GDRshop 4 years ago

i used to love this place, but now when i look down below Taal, all i see are fishpens that make the lake ugly, polluted and not as beautiful as it used to be

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