The Etta And Joseph Miller Performing Arts Center-Jefferson City Missouri


Originally opened in 1926 as the Jefferson City Junior College, the Miller Performing Arts Center has served numerous purposes throughout the years, including the High School for Jefferson City, Missouri and the Resource Center.

The Performing Arts Center today is owned and operated by the Public Schools in Jefferson City and houses the Railton Art Gallery and is also the home of the Jefferson City Academic Center as well.

The intimate seating at the Miller Performing Arts Center is a great venue for concerts, and theatrical performances. It was renovated in 2005, which costs 4.5 million dollars, which was funded primarily through private donations. It is a very important part of Jefferson City’s history and it is used for so many educational purposes in the community, that it is loved by all. It also boasts that they have hosted rock concerts, and also a Presidential visit as well.

One of the things that I look for when I move to a new city is museums, art gallery’s and centers for performing arts because there is always so much talent there, especially local talent. The Performing Arts Center of Jefferson City, was a big surprise to me. There are so many artists that exhibit their work there that are extremely talented that you would expect their pieces to be in much bigger and more famous settings; and perhaps for these artists, someday this will be the case.

Frank and Billy Railton Gallery


The Frank and Billy Railton Gallery is the exhibition gallery that hosts many artists, whom are local and also some international artists as well. I found a couple of artists that especially caught my eye and their work literally took my breathe away. I will be displaying their work here and a little bit about each artist.

Autumns Reflection
Autumns Reflection
Missouri River At The Rocheport
Missouri River At The Rocheport
Sharon's Irises
Sharon's Irises

Cheryl Schweitzer


Cheryl is one of the best artists who lives in Jefferson City Missouri. She graduated from the Three Rivers Community College, as she is from Poplar Bluff, majoring of course in Art. After she graduated, she got married and started a family, but continued to draw and paint. She has traveled extensively and throughout her many moves, she has collected quite an extensive library of several different materials that brings her inspiration for her art.

She is especially drawn to landscapes, but also loves Midwestern type landscapes from Missouri. She paints many landscapes from her many travels and enjoys a variety of flowers, gardens and rivers.

She likes to incorporates structures and scenes from past times that are breathtaking. She really captures that moment in time, and they are breathtaking.

She mainly paints with acrylic but is also known to paint with watercolors and pastels, depending on the subject.

Cheryl has been very active in her community and for 2 years, she was the president of the Jefferson City Art Club. Cheryl has her own home studio and also enjoys teaching classes on art and workshops, as she enjoys sharing her love of art with others.

"My passion for painting never fades, even through the trials of being an artist. It's a part of me and always will be"….Cheryl Schweitzer

Stacey Rose
Stacey Rose
More Precious Than Gold
More Precious Than Gold

Barbara Lindsey

Barbary Lindsey is from Jefferson City Missouri and she is clearly my favorite artist from Missouri. She has a way of capturing a very unique style. She is a self taught artist and many of her paintings have been highly acclaimed and have won countless awards.

She mainly paints watercolors although she also has many different styles and techniques that she incorporates into her art. Learning how to draw at an early age and showing so much promise, she was encouraged to pursue her passion.

Barbara Lindsey’s paintings have won regional, local, and international notoriety. She has won:

Best In Show

First Place

People’s Choice Award

She is also a member of several organizations such as:

Jefferson City Art Club

Kansas Watercolor Society

American Watercolor Society of America

National Watercolor Society

Missouri Watercolor Society

Transparent Watercolor Society of America

Barbara has also been featured in this magazine:

Jefferson City Magazine


Artist Profile
Barbara Lindsey’s Watercolor World
December 2009

Santa Fe Morning
Santa Fe Morning
Slobaboa I
Slobaboa I
Slobaboa II
Slobaboa II
Original Forest Park
Original Forest Park
Sequence Stands Alone
Sequence Stands Alone

Catherine Mahoney

Catherine Mahoney has been an artist since 1966, when she considers her art career started but states that she has been painting since she was a little girl, and recalls when her mother gave her the first set of water colors and she was mesmorized by the water and colors mixing so brilliantly, that she fell in love with art.

Catherine is one of the founders of the Wharf Street Artists Association, that consists of many local artists in Missouri.

Catherine is a member of the Hermanns Art Council, and the Artists of Wine Country.

She is an art teacher, a Sunday school teacher and she conducts the Young At Art workshop for younger artists since 1988.

Catherine is also an illustrator of a childrens book, that was written with Kathy Meyer, called "Daisy and Digger" in 2008.

She is a member of the Watercolor Honor Society, Missouri Watercolor Society, and the Texas Watercolor society. And she is a Best of Missouri Hands Artist.

Catherine Mahoney <>

(573) 486-2444

The Performing Arts Center

Gallery after renovations
Gallery after renovations
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501 Madison St, Jefferson City, MO 65101, USA
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De Greek 6 years ago from UK

YOU, are a mine of information! :-)))

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Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

America is sure an interesting place and the amount of talent that we have that remains undiscovered is mind-boggling. It is also a blessing that so many find a local venue that helps to get their work seen by the public. This was a good article. It held my interest all the way through! WB

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ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks DeGreek I try I try.

Wayne thanks for reading and the encouraging words. The talent here in itself is mindboggling and these people ar so humble about their work it seems. Thanks again Cheers.

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MartieCoetser 6 years ago from South Africa

Beautiful art! I hope our focus school for the (performing) arts will look like yours in 5 years time. I’m sharing this with our governing body. Thanks!

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Martie thanks for reading this hub and for your nice comment, I was really impressed with this museum as well, cheers.

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Very nice hub beautiful:) ge

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A beautiful & entertaining hub! Keep up the excellent work!

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Beautiful hub and so full of information on the local artists - you captured it all here. Great job sis - cheers~

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ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas Author

Whidbeywriter thanks, I do love art of anykind and local artists are so unappreciated at times. Cheers.

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